Finally Power and Enjoy Vintage Electronics From Around the World With KCC Scientific Frequency Converters

Vintage collectible electronics can now function anywhere in the world, regardless of country of origin, with frequency converters from KCC Scientific LLC. Ingeniously made, a KCC frequency converter will cleanly and accurately power any electronic device up to 200 watts, anywhere on the globe. These ultra high-precision converters assure reliable 115V or 230V AC power for 50Hz products in 60Hz countries or for 60 Hz products in 50Hz countries. No other product in the world provides affordable, precise voltage AND frequency conversion, with a clean sine wave output.

KCC Scientific Frequency Converters have ended the historic power grid differences for collectible electronics. As an example, now model railroad collectors from around the world can assure their beloved trains run smoothly and optimally by switch-selecting the proper voltage AND frequency (e.g., 115V AC at 60Hz). Now, flip clocks powered with a KCC Scientific Converter will run on time whether being powered in Japan, Europe, the U.K. or the United States. Braun turntables can now run at the proper pitch anywhere on the globe, just as they do in Germany (maybe better). Global citizens who treasure their vintage electronics can now use them wherever they relocate with these breakthrough Frequency Converters. Furthermore, collectors are now free to purchase electronics from across the globe regardless of whether the device was designed to run on 50Hz or 60Hz. It’s all possible simply by switch selection of 50Hz or 60Hz and 115V or 230V AC from the front panel of a KCC Scientific Converter.

Trusted since 2011, KCC Scientific provides economical, high-precision frequency converters designed to provide clean power to any device anywhere in the world.

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