Pramod Master Coach Publishes a New Book on Public Speaking and Mentoring People

Pramod Janardhan Shetty

Famed author and corporate executive Pramod Janardhan Shetty, commonly known as Pramod Master Coach, publishes a book that aims to help build effective communication and mentor people. The book is titled, "Why Do People Stammer: A Complete Solution to Create Your Complete Freedom Within Yourself."

In his book, Shetty argues that the way we carry ourselves is often the first thing people notice about us. People are evaluated based on their appearance, mannerisms, and body language. It can be seen in their actions on a day-to-day basis. When it comes to appearances, it's all about what you can see.

Everyone likes to make a judgment based on the first impression. Generally speaking, people believe that the key to their success is their ability to articulate a specific point vociferously. If they can communicate effectively, they will be considered intelligent. A person's professional or academic prospects improve as their ability to communicate orally improves. They can communicate effectively and convey their thoughts without hesitation. But what about people who have difficulty communicating?

Shetty maintains that, as a child, or even as an adult, one's limitations can be seen as a particular challenge. It's also possible that there's some sort of psychological or physical issue going on. The author will shine a light on those who cannot speak clearly, such as those who stammer. Even if it is a shortcoming, there is no evidence to suggest that this individual lacks intelligence, intellect, or talent in any way. Children and adults subjected to such natural limitations acquire additional burdens, which exacerbates their predicament. It's hard to imagine the battles these people have waged daily. They find it increasingly difficult to go about their daily routines. These conditions can hurt a child's emotional or educational development. This can lead to a wide range of issues that can be stressful in the long run because of their inability to communicate effectively.

When it comes to those who frequently stumble or stutter, the world isn't always on their side. Even if you have a physical or mental condition, it's more difficult to perform everyday tasks. People are frequently denied the time and space required to communicate their ideas effectively. Bullying and ridicule are common because of people's inability to communicate effectively. For them, things become even more perplexing than usual. For most people, the battle of making and keeping friends is a non-issue.

This book further encapsulates the idea that families assume they don't want to communicate in layman's terms because they are frequently teased or ridiculed. Everyone must realize that communication is a two-way street. When we're having a conversation, we should pay attention to how we deliver the message to the other person. Those who suffer from stammering may benefit from allowing each other more time and cooperation.

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