Power Your Fun Announces the Launch of 2 New Sensory Toys for Kids

Top Toys with lights and sounds, colors and tactility for calming and captivating kids

Tok Tok Robot

​​The holiday season can be a time when not only adults but children too can feel stress and anxiety. In the hustle and bustle, consumers take pause to look for gift ideas that offer a fun way to soothe the jingle-bell jitters.

Power Your Fun, a new online toy store, has announced the release of two sensory toys – one talkative and the other tactile.   

First up is Tok Tok, the three-voiced and three-faced mini talking robot. This smart robot toy is an interactive toy that listens and repeats what kids say to it. Kids watch and listen as this small, hand-held robot morphs and changes their voice. This is a great way for kids to experiment with moods, expressions and communication. With all the holiday parties this time of year, this talking toy can be a great ice-breaker.

There are many different ways in which kids can play: Record Mode records voices; Play Mode repeats what is said, and Echo Mode automatically talks back. What’s more, these light-up toys are equipped with bright LEDs to match its mood.

Tok Tok is more than just a small talking robot with a voice modifier - this toy robot also comes with motion sensors. Shake, jiggle, tilt, and wiggle it to hear its secret sounds. With a small robot body, they make great travel companions for kids ages 3 and up.

The pocket-sized Tok Tok robot from Power Your Fun comes in red, blue and yellow, and is available on Amazon for $9.99 with free Prime shipping.

Next, the Arggh! Ball is all about relieving anxiety. This time of year, the power of fidget toys for kids and adults cannot be underestimated. These jumbo stress balls are durably crafted to stay tough through endless squeezing. Watch as they change colors - Orange from Yellow or Purple from Pink the more it’s squeezed.

This squishy toy is also great for hand exercises to relieve muscle soreness in the hands and wrists. The super-soft stress ball also doubles as an ADHD fidget toy and autism toy to help kids and adults stay relaxed and focused. These giant stress balls are filled with non-toxic gel, making it super safe for kids and adults to keep squeezing on. They are an awesome stocking stuffer for adults and kids ages 3 and up.

The jumbo Arggh! Stress Balls from Power Your Fun come in two calming colors and are available on Amazon for $15.99 with free Prime shipping.


About Power Your Fun:

Power Your Fun is locally owned business based in Sheridan, WY, that specializes in Amazon private-label brands.


Marketing Manager, Power Your Fun

Source: Power Your Fun