'Portable Bedwarmer/Heating Pad': A Larger Than Average Heating Pad That You Can Take Anywhere

Would you like to enjoy a therapeutic heating pad that is large enough to cover your entire back — anywhere, even a place where there is no electricity? The Portable Bedwarmer/Heating Pad can be carried and used on a long airline flight or car trip, on a camping trip, on a boating excursion or hunting trip. It is a self-contained, fully portable heating pad large enough for use as a bedwarmer, and powered by long-life rechargeable batteries. It lets you “pre-heat” a cold bed or sleeping bag even where electricity is not available. The Portable Bedwarmer/Heating Pad also enables you to apply variable-level heat to ease muscle aches and pains, for three to six hours at a time, with no wires or cords.

The Patent Pending Portable Bedwarmer/Heating Pad was invented by Fred Clarke of Manchester, N.J., who said, “The Portable Bedwarmer/Heating Pad resembles other premium, electrical-resistance heating pads, with a rubber, pliable plastic, or synthetic rubber casing, a flexible construction, and a removable, washable, soft fabric sleeve or cover. Like other pads, the Portable Bedwarmer/Heating Pad offers variable-setting heat control, with temperature settings ranging from 65º to 105º, in 10-degree increments. These settings are incorporated into the pad's power-control unit, and this — along with the plug for the included charging cord — are situated at one corner of the pad. The Portable Bedwarmer/Heating Pad is powered by a long-life, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which should provide between three and six hours of continuous, cordless operation, depending upon the chosen heat setting. For safety purposes, the unit automatically shuts off after 20 minutes.”

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