Portable and Efficient UV-C Sanitizer Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Introducing Klistem, an effective sanitizer that uses ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to eradicate 99.99 percent of germs on water bottles and household items.

Klistem, a portable UV-C light sanitizer, is garnering much anticipation for their mid-August Kickstarter launch. A recent study conducted by New Jersey-based EmLab P&K reported over 300,000 bacteria colonies in a typical reusable water bottle, which is more than what a household toilet harbors. In order to promote and encourage clean lifestyles and belongings, ESN Tech has implemented UV-C sanitation through Klistem.

Klistem is equipped with UV-C sterilization, drying and deodorization mechanisms. Unlike any other sanitizer, Klistem’s unique design allows UV-C rays and air flow to be fully distributed throughout the container. Obstruction and reflection of the light are prevented, as the light and air sources are located in the bottom compartment. Lab reports indicate that Klistem eradicates 99.99 percent of bacteria.

Klistem is also compact in size and can be charged with a USB cable, making the product fully portable. Klistem's multi-functional and extensible trays also allow for sanitation of general household items of various sizes.

Pre-order of Klistem will be available for a limited time through the product’s Kickstarter page following the Aug. 14 launch. Individuals can now sign up to receive specials and exclusive updates on www.klistemlabs.com. Influencers or journalists who are interested in receiving a unit and reviewing Klistem are encouraged to send in a contact inquiry through the website.

About ESN Tech Inc.

ESN Tech is a California-based company that works to create innovative household products to promote healthy and clean lifestyles. The team consists of home appliance and biomedical engineers and entrepreneurs with experience in consumer electronics. Their products are designed and developed in Newport Beach, California, and are manufactured in Seoul, Korea.

Source: ESN Tech Inc.

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