Pole Enthusiasts Invade the ATL for June 1-4 International Pole Convention

Black Girls Pole Showcase at PoleCon

Pole dance and pole fitness enthusiasts — women and men of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and body shapes — invade Atlanta, Georgia, June 1-4, when they gather for the seventh annual International Pole Convention (PoleCon) at the city’s Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Open to the public, the convention provides attendees with all-star performances; seminars; workshops with international stars; opportunities for instructor pole and twerk certifications; plenty of time for networking; and access to vendors representing the best products and services in pole, fitness, nutrition, wellness, and glamour apparel.

“The entire pole industry is rapidly expanding from traditional pole dancing into the aerial, acrobatic, and circus arts,” PoleCon CEO Colleen Jolly noted. “The convention will celebrate the diversity of the industry — the sport side, fitness side, art side, theatrical side and, of course, the sexy side.”

PoleCon offers events that range from non-stop diverse, pole performances including “Dangerous Curves” (for plus-sized pole dancers) and a “Men of Pole” showcase complete with one of the infamous New York City subway performers. Attendees will witness the first “Youth Showcase” sponsored by the US Pole Sports Federation showcasing athletes as young as 14 with dreams of pole being an event in future Olympic games.

The perception of pole dancing is changing, and it has gained increasing popularity as a fitness exercise and mainstream entertainment by many enthusiasts in gyms and dance studios around the world.

“Forget the old stereotypes,” Jolly said. “There is new acceptance of pole being a ‘normal’ hobby AND something anyone can do as a fitness outlet. The popularization of pole dancing and pole fitness has flooded the media, including being featured on TV shows like ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ ‘America’s Got Talent,’ the MTV Music Awards and ‘Ellen.’”

“As a result, fresh blood is pumping through the pole community daily with new students coming through the doors of new studios opening throughout the country,” Jolly added. “The embracing of arts like aerial silks, aerial hoop, and hand balancing can now be found in many studios which also offer classes in lyra, silks, aerial yoga, and hammock. There is a steady flow of new pole artists and choreographers bringing even more dance and strength training to pole.”

“PoleCon’s goal is for everyone to see and appreciate the many facets of pole,” Jolly said. “The convention is a place to come together, see all kinds of performances, learn from each other, and grow.” Enthusiasts and interested persons from around the world will attend the action-packed weekend.

The Weekend Pass ($175) provides an entire weekend of free access to all events. The fun kicks off Thursday night with an opening reception and the Sexy Showcase (recommended 18+), showing the diverse styles of what it means to “be sexy” in the modern era. Free lunches will be served Friday and Saturday and a free breakfast Sunday. People under 18 can attend with a parent or guardian at a discounted rate of $85 for the entire weekend.

To learn more about PoleCon or to purchase tickets, please visit www.poleconvention.com or call 1-844-TRY-POLE.


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Colleen Jolly

Source: International Pole Convention (PoleCon)

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The International Pole Convention (PoleCon), celebrates the diversity of the pole dance/pole fitness community. Come to learn, share and grow with men and women of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities and fitness levels then stay for the community.

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