Point Security, Inc. Officially Becomes an Authorized Reseller for MicroSearch®

Leading Security Equipment Supplier is Excited to Announce their Reseller Partnership with New Product Manufactured by Ensco

Point Security, Inc., a security screening equipment company based out of North Carolina, is excited to announce that they are now officially an authorized reseller of a brand new product, MicroSearch®, which is manufactured by Ensco.

MicroSearch® is a human presence detection system for vehicles, trucks, containers etc. that picks up on the human heartbeat. Within 10 seconds, it can detect the presence of a person who is hiding inside the container or vehicle, and alert the operator of the vehicle.

This unique system is ideal for border crossings, maritime ports, and portal entries to any highly valued facility – as well as correctional institutions. The system offers a durable, protective, and economical solution for cabling. MicroSearch® gives the most reliable and accurate results in a variety of environmental conditions as well, whether it is dry, dusty, wet, hot, or cold.

Critical buildings and assets, including embassies and federal, military and civilian buildings, will benefit from the increased security that MicroSearch® provides.

MicroSearch® is available in a variety of configurations, providing the flexibility to choose the product and platform that best meets individual needs.

To learn more about this system, please visit http://pointsecurityinc.com/ today.

About Point Security, Inc.

Point Security, Inc. is a certified small business with over 20 years of experience providing sales and service of security screening equipment throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. Our company has expanded exponentially from its beginnings in airport checkpoint equipment servicing. Today, we primarily provide a variety of equipment, service capabilities and technical support for security screening at governmental institutions, and are recognized as a leader in this field of work.

For more information, please visit http://pointsecurityinc.com/ or call 800-476-1607.


Source: Point Security, Inc.