"Pocket Racers": Entertaining Game With Miniature Race Cars and Figure-Eight Track

​The challenge of a race is fun for both little people and big people.  The Pocket Racers are a perfect example of this type of entertainment.  They are a compact and easily portable battery-powered game featuring a pair of miniature, motorized race-cars and a fold-out, figure-8 racetrack on which they compete. Pocket Racers are designed to fit neatly within one’s packet — and ready for racing within moments. Pocket Racers can be played at home, at work or while on the go. It comes in various models featuring race cars, trains, boats and more.
The entire Pocket Racers assembly will be neatly contained in a rounded-end, rectangular box measuring approximately 6” L x 2½”H x 3½” W. The brightly colored box is embellished with checkered racing flags and a Pocket Racers logo.  The top of the box is sealed with two slide-out covers equipped with thumb notches and will slide out horizontally to form the foundation upon which the interior, fold-out racetrack will rest. The cars are controlled by two wired controllers fashioned in the shape of wheels and equipped with miniature lever-style throttles. A docking station for charging the internal rechargeable battery of the unit is included and holds six AA batteries Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Pocket Racers.
The Patent Pending Pocket Racers were invented by Tony Camargo of Bakersfield, CA who said, “This is an extremely entertaining game and can be played anywhere.  It is ideal for kids and adults alike and is a competitive game that brings out the NASCAR driver in everyone. It is fun for the entire family.”
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