Plotly Unveils Dash Enterprise 5.1, Empowering Corporate Data App Development in Secure Environments

With the latest version of Dash Enterprise, organizations can access enhanced flexibility, performance, and reliability.

Plotly, the industry leader in low-code data app platforms, announces the release of Dash Enterprise 5.1. This latest release brings a host of powerful enhancements, including Virtual Machine (VM) compatibility, enhanced security measures, and performance improvements. With a commitment to providing a unified developer experience, Plotly enables data scientists, analysts, and software developers to effortlessly build, deploy, and scale their applications within enterprise environments.

Dash Enterprise 5.1 delivers over 100 feature enhancements across the entire platform, ranging from portal theming to security patches. Platform users will find more flexibility, improved security controls, enhanced scalability, and better performance and reliability, leading to a more seamless experience within their organizational settings. 

With Dash Enterprise 5.1, developers now have more flexibility to work within their organizational setting with higher security controls and options in place, including: 

  • Broader Installation Compatibility: Dash Enterprise 5.1 is compatible with both VM and Bare Metal setups. This enables Dash Enterprise to be installed and managed in a wider range of corporate environments.
  • Scalability: Dash Enterprise 5.1 supports deploying and managing hundreds of Dash apps on large VM and Bare Metal servers as well as in the multi-node cluster environment.
  • Advanced Security and Control: Dash Enterprise 5.1 caters to the specific security needs of highly-regulated organizations by enabling airgapped environments and installations behind internal proxies.
  • Global Restricted Access: Dash Enterprise 5.1 administrators can now enforce stringent controls on viewer access and sharing features, bolstering data security measures.
  • Performance and Reliability: Effortlessly monitor and restrict app memory usage in Dash Enterprise 5.1, which seamlessly integrates with the existing roles and permissions system.

As organizations increasingly rely on data apps to drive their analytics strategies, Dash Enterprise 5.1 provides a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for building, deploying, and scaling data apps within the corporate sphere. With this latest release and the recent SOC 2 compliance designation, Plotly solidifies its position as the leader in secure, low-code data app platforms by delivering a comprehensive feature set and a steadfast commitment to customer success.

"Dash Enterprise 5.1 integrates powerful enhancements that facilitate seamless data app development and deployment. By introducing features such as VM compatibility, airgapped support, and access controls, organizations can rely on Dash Enterprise with absolute confidence in the most stringent corporate environments," commented Chris Parmer, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Plotly.

Source: Plotly Technologies Inc.