Plotly Shares Details of New AI Features in the Upcoming Dash Enterprise 5.2 Release

Dash Enterprise 5.2 will include Smart Insights and an AI-powered documentation chatbot — aiming to increase the productivity and efficiency of end-to-end data application development with artificial intelligence.

New AI features in Dash Enterprise 5.2

Today, Plotly unveiled artificial intelligence capabilities that data app developers can expect as a part of the upcoming launch of Dash Enterprise 5.2.

The low-code data app company has made a series of announcements regarding the early December launch — including Jupyter Notebook integration, an enhanced developer experience, and support for multiple Python data app development frameworks — with the latest being a suite of AI features outlined below.

Smart Insights adds a layer of intelligence that exceeds the functionality of basic graphs, enabling developers to easily add qualitative context to their visualizations. The feature transforms data visualizations by automatically summarizing graphs with text-based insights, allowing end users to effectively consume information.

Additionally, Smart Insights allows viewers to interact with data visualizations in a conversational manner to better understand the underlying data. Uses for Smart Insights include: 

  • Trend Identification: Facilitates the recognition of patterns in data, adding a layer of predictability to events and enabling confident decision-making. For example, Smart Insights can determine moving averages for monthly sales over a specific period. 
  • Anomaly Detection: Identifies unusual patterns, outliers, or events that deviate from expected behavior — signaling potential issues, errors, or interesting phenomena. For instance, Smart Insights can highlight if order cancellations are excessively high on a particular day in an e-commerce business.
  • Correlation Analysis: Assists in understanding relationships between variables and making informed decisions based on observed patterns. As a practical example, Smart Insights can derive a correlation between deal size and average sales cycle length shown in a scatter plot.

Plotly also recently introduced an AI-powered documentation chatbot capable of answering complex queries and learning from user behavior over time. The feature is available as a free-to-use “Ask AI” chatbot in the open-source Dash and Plotly graphing library developer documentation. The new release of Dash Enterprise incorporates the chatbot to provide up-to-date information specific to the user’s current version of the platform:

  • Code suggestions in the form of ready-to-use code snippets for callbacks or app templates
  • Error identification for streamlined debugging by identifying syntax errors, incorrect references, and missing dependencies
  • Layout and design assistance, suggesting Dash HTML Components and Dash Core Components — enabling developers to build better user interfaces
  • Personalized solutions to generate code for custom requirements and support advanced analytics and machine learning visualizations

The new AI features in Dash Enterprise 5.2 will significantly streamline the end-to-end process of working with data applications by shortening data application processes and empowering users with unparalleled insights. Learn more at the upcoming launch event.

Source: Plotly Technologies Inc.