PLEXIS Announces Product Update

PLEXIS expands its Passport connectivity (web) services for use with the PLEXIS Claims Manager platform


PLEXIS Healthcare Systems is pleased to announce the release of its new web service-based API for PLEXIS Claims Manager (PCM), known as PCM-AIS (Application Interface Services), which are part of its larger Passport connectivity suite of web services. Passport’s PCM-AIS is an API that enables real-time or near real-time data lookup, referred to as “search & retrieve” functions. It also allows for updating data within the PLEXIS Claims Manager (PCM) platform’s database, which are referred to as “add & update” functions. Both are accomplished using standard web service calls and can be quickly coded to using detailed product documentation and code samples (as a "starter kit") provided by PLEXIS.

The initial launch of PCM-AIS enables organizations to interact with commonly used PCM components such as members and eligibility, providers, and referrals and authorization records.

There are many scenarios where using PCM-AIS would improve a health plan or TPA’s business, including but not limited to:

  • Provide live access of data for a health plan or TPA web portal. Allow members and providers to perform a real-time lookup of member, eligibility, or provider data.
  • Enable interoperability with a separate membership source of truth system. Perform automated, real-time lookup and updates of member and eligibility data to keep PCM up to date with other applications.
  • Interface with an external medical management, utilization review, or utilization management system, and have that system perform real-time lookups of member and provider data located in PCM, and insert newly approved referrals or authorizations into PCM.

Each of these examples speaks to workflow automation and ease of systems integration, which can greatly reduce the administrative cost and burden with managing data in multiple systems.


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Source: PLEXIS Healthcare Systems, Inc.