Plei Design, the Amazing Pocket Size Skill Toy & Chopsticks, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter

Save the trees, perfect your nunchaku trick skills and eat your sushi! All with the cool, transforming pocket arsenal that is the ChopChucks.

ChopChucks on Kickstarter

Plei Design has just come up with the most fun, a wacky and practical new product for their eighth Kickstarter, ChopChucks | The amazing pocket size skill toy & chopsticks.

How can they combine the world of martial arts training, oriental cuisine, and sleek design?

This is why the team invented the ChopChucks, short for Chop Chucks, a pair of chopsticks made from high-quality materials that are also transformers. What do they transform into? A martial arts training tool, enabling you in Belgeri bead, pen, or Bali Song techniques, before using them to murder your dinner…elegantly. These techniques can be used to perform all sorts of nunchaku tricks. But you don't want to carry actual nunchakus with you in public for fear of arrest or looking like a geek.

And you can use your ChopChucks to battle safely. When you use them to compete in a game of "Chop Chucks" with a friend to see who can stack some tiny plastic bricks fastest. It's fun, it's a test of skills, and it allows you to beat them without slaying them. You could also use them for training a small rodent-like squirrel as a Ninja and arm it, but that may be irresponsible.

And then they transform once more to hide seamlessly, elegantly in their case. But these eating weapons are genuinely flexible and can easily be adjusted to the correct length for your needs.

While we wouldn't recommend using them as a weapon, ChopChucks are ready to battle for the environment. Traditional chopsticks are disposable and use an indeed monstrous amount of wood, a scarce resource,  3.8 million trees are destroyed every year to create disposable wooden versions! But your ChopChucks can be used again and again, and as you'll be so proud to show them off, you'll never leave them at home. Remember, a sushi Ninja is never unarmed, and his dinner is never uneaten.

Save the environment, perfect your nunchaku trick skills and eat your sushi! All with the cool, transforming pocket arsenal that is the ChopChucks.

The campaign has already surpassed its original funding goals, and there is still time for consumers to be a part of the ChopChucks community at an exclusive discount of up to 57% off the retail price.

Visit ChopChucks on Kickstarter to learn more about it, the amazing pocket size skill toy & chopsticks.

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