Kickstarter for ULTIX MagGo™: Simplify Carrying the Nintendo Switch With High-Tech Magnetic Solution

Meet MagGo™ - The Ultimate Nintendo Switch Compact Carry Bag

MagGo Bag for Nintendo Switch

ULTIX designed the magnetic drop-down game station built into the MagGo™ travel bag to maximize the portability of the Nintendo Switch. With three successful Kickstarter campaigns already under the company's belt, outdoors specialists ULTIX is hoping MagGo™The Ultimate Nintendo Switch Compact Carry Bag follows suit. 

Technology and video games are rapidly evolving, game consoles are constantly changing, and upgrades are always occurring. The game bag should also be upgraded, too. Get the power of evolving tech, upgraded gaming, and stunning travel features in one bag.

The patent-pending magnetic connection system allows users to enjoy gaming anytime and anywhere and consists of 92 magnets with super-strong magnetic power. Never worry about it accidentally falling open. It frees up the hands and features a quick-release clip so gamers can whip it off fast when they need to.

Take the gaming to-go with MagGo™. Gamers can safely bring their console to keep busy wherever they go, bringing their A-game everywhere with one bag.

MagGo™ makes Nintendo Switch gaming insanely easy. Just imagine …

  • Magnetic Pocket: quick and easy access to the main compartment; no more zippers damaging the game console.
  • Magnetic Quick-Release Buckle: anti-theft, quick opening, anytime and anywhere.
  • Unrivalled Protection: protect the gamers' favourite gear with an ultra-tough, high-density, EVA-moulded front shield lined with water-resistant PU fabric.
  • Unwavering Comfort: this bag comes equipped with back padding, ventilation, and adjustable shoulder and chest straps that provide comfort that never quits.
  • Stylish and Low-Key Appearance Prevents Theft.

MagGo™ launched on Kickstarter in February 2021, a special offer is now available for limited early birds and worldwide deliveries are expected to take place during July 2021. For more information about SuperCarrier or to make a pledge, visit the MagGo™ Kickstarter Campaign

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ULTIX Outdoors LTD was established in London in 2011. In 2014, the company had its very own first generation of ULTIX SAS Bike Travel Bag and sold thousands of cases on various platforms. ULTIX still receives great feedback from previous customers. Right now, the company presents the ULTIX MagGo™. Its mission is to let gamers explore more with less effort. ULTIX is not only providing highly qualified outdoor products but is also helping customers to build their best travel memories.

Source: ULTIX Outdoors LTD

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