Playtime Has Never Been More Fun Than With Ayden

Samera Entertainment announces child vlogger hitting the right notes online

​Despite the influx of online children's content, one YouTube channel brings a refreshing honesty to the worldwide web unlike any other — Playtime with Ayden.

Playtime with Ayden is a kid-friendly and family vlog Youtube channel where a little boy named Ayden does toy reviews, 3D animations and goes on fun adventures and explores the world around him with his loving family. 

"Playtime with Ayden has been growing in popularity since it started," said Ryan McMackin, Ayden's father and producer of Playtime with Ayden,

"It has grown to the point where Ayden is one of the preferred toy reviewers in the industry, and many use his cool critiques as a guide before purchasing for their own children.

"The impact has been enormous." and "He isn't tomorrow's leader, he is today's entrepreneur," said McMackin.

Not only is Playtime with Ayden a meeting point for information on toys but also an insight into the joyous world Ayden has with his loving family and a glimpse into his creative mind.

"Ayden is a little champion, and he has a lot of positive things in front of him," said Ryan.

"His channel is attracting interest from across the world, such is its burgeoning popularity, and it can only grow from here.

For those who want to see what all the fuss is about, simply go to the
Playtime with Ayden Youtube channel.

So come meet Ayden and his family and join in on the fun.


Source: Samera Entertainment

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