PlayStation at E3 Creates Thrilling Experience With Live Special Effects

Fire, rain, pyro, and other live special effects combined to create a powerful theatrical experience at Sony's presentation at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles.

Water Effects at E3 Sony PlayStation Media Showcase

Sony PlayStation debuted new games at E3 last night with a real-life special effects theatrical experience, featuring special effects supplied by TLC Creative, based in Los Angeles, CA, with services worldwide.

The PlayStation event featured water effects, fire, fog, snow and a pyrotechnics sequence that brought a World War 2 battle to life. Sony picked The Shrine Auditorium, L.A.'s oldest large theater, to create an experience beyond everyone's expectations, and brought in TLC to stage all types of live special effects in the historic venue.


An extensive pyrotechnic sequence was designed with music and an elaborate sound effects battle, with exploding shells and line rockets firing across the stage. When a dragon on a huge video screen blows real fire, and the wind from his wings really blows into the audience, they know they are experiencing something special.


TLC brought new technology, Intelligent water screens, that create rain with designs visible in the falling water. The unique water effects started the show, with a combination of environmental effects and technology.

White fountains created brilliant streams of light at the show climax. Fire and flame effects burst out at show highlights, and a swirling snowstorm enveloped the audience and immersed everyone into a winter storm.


The special effects impact is exaggerated with TLC's layers of effects, synchronized with sound and lighting, creating surprise and excitement. TLC’s lasers, fog effects and pyrotechnics effects have added visual impact to many public and private events around the world.

Contact TLC for more information on technical production and for live special effects.

For more information, contact TLC at 310-822-6790.


TLC Creative Special Effects

Source: TLC Creative Special Effects


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