Immediate Reactions Seeing 3D Graphics in Mid-Air and Dimensional Video Displays From TLC Creative

Hypervn Wall by TLC Creative for the Golden State Warriors Ring Ceremony

​​​​​​​​​​​​Innovative video displays are getting attention using new technologies like soft-pixel-panels, flexible video, and moving video tiles.

Dimensional video, from Los Angeles based TLC Creative Technology, is new technology LED from cutting-edge creators that allows unlimited shapes of LED video. Circles, waves, and curvy shapes of LED video, LED letters, and moving video tiles that literally move closer and further away are creating video displays like never before.

New technology Hypervsn ‘holograms’, called floating video, create 3D imagery that appear to float in mid-air. The holographic HD Hypervsn uses exceedingly bright LED lights, and, with graphics designed to show-off the see-through qualities of the ‘hologram’ screens, the dimensional illusions of objects and logos in mid-air keep viewers entranced.

TLC ‘Hologram’ Hypervsn Displays >

TLC specializes in Hypervsn, creating holographic wall displays that blend multiple screens into large holograms 10 feet wide and larger.

TLC created a Hypervsn wall for the Golden State Warriors using nine screens on a mobile rig that was moved on and off the court in seconds. TLC also created the 3D visuals of the NBA ring the team was being honored with, animating the ring hologram as if it was floating over the court.

Visual and animated effects on mixed resolution LED walls are programmed with video tiles that move. Unique LED video displays from TLC include the new moving video tiles that are so far out-of-the-box they are creating excited reactions. 

Flexible video immediately creates a futuristic impression with bright images animating across dancers and performers' bodies. New flexible video panels that can be integrated into sets, costumes and wearable media are being used by experienced designers that want to see the future of media become unexpected.

NEW TECHNOLOGY: Flexible Video >

Seven-foot-tall, high-resolution video panels transform any area into a media-rich experience. Bright, colorful branding with unlimited visual potential or updated schedule information make the video panels a huge win in the professional audiovisual industry. Individual panels can be instantly combined into large video walls. 

TLC Video Panels >

Corporate and business theater, and the sports and entertainment industries, use TLC for innovative effects at live and virtual events.​ TLC provides projection mapping, water-screens, kabuki reveals, live special effects, and innovations for events.

TLC has provided technical production and media events for clients including Expedia, Disney, Adobe, Autodesk, Sikorsky Aircraft, Cisco, and more.

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