Playpal Inc. - the Next Revolution in Health Tech is Here

Playpal Inc. - The Next Revolution in Health Tech Is Here

Playpal Inc. was launched in 2017 to change the landscape of the health tech industry as we know it. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Playpal is here to be the perfect health partner. It is a smart health platform that uses blockchain with an aim to improve its users health by getting them to proactively build their health capital and healthy habits. It works on a dual incentivization model that prompts healthy actions through the intrinsic motivation of gamified health and extrinsic rewards of monetary benefits via our exclusive partners - the HICO Wealth Foundation - health cryptocurrency.

About Playpal Inc.

Playpal Inc. is a digital health marketplace. It unifies global health IoT devices, apps and stakeholders in one platform. Playpal was launched with an aim to reinvent the perception of health by helping individuals build their health capital.

The Playpal platform collects and consolidates data from various health apps in order to keep track of one's health and to facilitate the user in taking the right measures to achieve better health. Playpal uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and gamification of health to provide customized health recommendations that help individuals manage their health in the most convenient way possible.

Playpal measures health as a quantifiable asset using the “Health Capital Model.” Its blockchain-powered AI engine records and processes users’ actions to influence their health capital value. Based on this value, users' healthy behaviour is rewarded with the health tokens, which are exclusively issued to Playpal via the Foundation. These health tokens are real-world digital assets on the HICO Wealth blockchain that can be earned if users adhere to Playpal’s health recommendations. The health tokens can then used to purchase health-goods on Playpal’s E-store or can be redeemed for other rewards!

Playpal is a one-stop platform that aims to assist governments, health care providers, and health-tech companies in reducing health-care costs in the long-run with its proactive approach to health. While users will benefit from proactive, data-driven health advice, relevant stakeholders will also be able to receive valuable insights into their community’s health profile, with the added advantage of streamlining programs to encourage healthy behavior. 

In the changing health industry, health is critically dependent on “health knowledge.” Thanks to Playpal, it is now possible to create a real-time Health Capital Model that is practical and convenient — a model that educates, motivates and activates individuals to take proactive steps for improving their health. Playpal empowers its users to take ownership of their health by tracking all aspects of their nutrition and physiology, including but not limited to stress, sleep and mental wellbeing. 

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Playpal processes all these inputs from your wearables and apps into its powerful AI engine against world's health-centric knowledge bases, including nutrition, genomics, allergens and immunizations, along with medical and pharmaceutical data.

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