Platinum Plus Services Announcing They Are Now Offering 24/7/365 Customer Support for Data Recovery Customers

Platinum Plus Services offering 24/7/365 Customer Support for any person whose hard drive has suddenly failed to call in at anytime and speak with a certified technician for informational support.

Arthur Kang, Certified Technician

​Platinum Plus Services, a company located in Glendale, CA that specializes in Data Recovery Services, has announced that they are now offering 24/7/365 customer support for anyone whose hard drive has suddenly started to fail on them.  The technicians at Platinum Plus Services understand how stressful it can be when someone’s hard drive begins to fail on them and it can put people in a panic when all of a sudden they can no longer access their precious data files; the company so rooted in valuing customer service is providing this 24/7 telephone support to aid panicking customers by alleviating their stress with this around the clock service for anyone to call in and speak with one of our Data Recovery Technicians to receive some informational support through telephone.  

When we asked one of the technicians, Arthur Kang, why the company decided to offer this 24/7 customer support service, he responded by explaining below:

“We understand how stressful it can be when someone is working on their computer and all of a sudden the hard drive suddenly crashes and they can no longer access their data or files that they have been working on.  We have seen many cases when people are in a panic because they think that they have lost all of their hard work whether it is document files, photos, videos, etc.  We decided to offer this 24/7 customer support system for anyone whose hard drive has suddenly shutdown to call in at ANY time during the day, whether it is at midnight, 2AM, or even 6AM!  We want to alleviate the stress that potential data recovery customers may have by allowing them to reach one of our certified data recovery technicians who can provide informational support to calm any panicked customer.  So the basic idea of providing this service is that anyone can call in, speak with one of our technicians and gain immediate information about the chances of recovering their data from their specific hard drive and receive a price quote and estimated turnaround time by just giving a call to our toll free number.”

Platinum Plus Services is gaining a strong presence in the data recovery market, and because the company’s core fundamental values are based around excellence in customer service shown by the 24/7 customer support explained above, no wonder the company is now one of the leading data recovery companies in the San Fernando Valley area.  

Source: Platinum Plus Services

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