"Platform Safety Guard System": Which Helps to Solve One of the Public Transportation Problems

Safety is a problem that faces every individual and business. Public transportation is no different from an individual, business, or government agency and this is a solution to at least one of those potential problems. The Platform Safety Guard System would equip subway and train platforms with an electrically powered, automated or manually controlled safety gate or railing, the function of which is to prevent the tragedies that occur when individuals fall, jump, or are pushed onto the tracks. By interposing a barrier between the platform and the tracks – a barrier that would open only when a train has pulled to a stop at the platform – the Platform Safety Guard System would serve to save lives.

The Platform Safety Guard System is an electrically powered, rolling safety gate or railing that acts as a barrier between a train or subway platform and the tracks, being closed when no train is present, and opening only when a train has come to a stop at the platform. The gate or railing of the Platform Safety Guard System is fabricated in steel, and the railing appears as a sort of fence, the base of which moves along rollers which are themselves recessed into a narrow slot running along the edge of the train platform. An electric motor will power the movement of the gate, railing, or fence, and the system is designed such that operation can be fully automated, or over-ridden in a manual mode by a train conductor. In the fully automated mode, sensors in the track or at the ends of the platform act as switches for the motor and these sensors operate such that the gate or railing will open only when a train has approached and arrived at the platform. (The sensors might respond to the approach of the train, or to its stopping, or to the doors of the cars opening and closing.) As the train leaves the platform, the sensors will close the railing or gate, and it will remain closed – preventing any access to the tracks – until the next train arrives, stops, and opens its doors. In the manual over-ride mode, a conductor on the train will operate the switch that opens and closes, the gate. This manual mode would be employed in the event of any automated-system malfunction, or in the event of transit emergencies that necessitate a departure from standard procedures. In either mode, the Platform Safety Guard System serves as a movable barrier between the train platform and the tracks that is removed only when a train is at the platform with the car doors opened.
The Platform Safety Guard System is Patent Pending and was invented by James Thomas and Koor Thomas of Newark, NJ who said, “Any major city served by rail and subway will benefit from using this product. It is cost-effective and serves to keep commuters safely away from the train tracks. It works.”

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