Planet TV Studios Presents Episode on Enradia CBD on New Frontiers in CBD

New Frontiers is a compelling TV series that explores cutting-edge CBD companies that are shaping the high-performance CBD field. New Frontiers is an educational TV series in short documentary form to be featured on TV and on-demand TV.

Enradia CBD

The pilot episode plans to air in the first quarter of 2021 and will also be airing on on-demand platforms such as Roku, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other various on-demand platforms.

A new health and wellness company is making waves with CBD product lines that bring something new to the market in a time of uncertainty.

Dr. Adam Parsons, an internal medicine physician specializing in pain management, and boutique owner Amal Parsons announce the formation of Enradia CBD, a unique health and wellness company committed to helping people feel and look their best, with a driving passion to improve population well-being.

Enradia CBD offers natural alternatives for pain and wellness in addition to an all-natural skincare line that is unlike anything on the market. With two sides of the business, wellness and skincare, the product lines are sophisticated, distinctive and disruptive to the category.

With months being spent on research, product development and handpicking each ingredient, these products not only taste great but work better than most CBD products out there. Enradia CBD went a step further and added Quantum technology to their products. Quantum "polarization" makes the CBD more bioavailable and readily absorbed into cells, allowing the full amount of energy to be used for biological functions. Basically, what this means is you take less of the CBD and feel the effects of the CBD faster.

"Our innovative approach by using a water-soluble base in our tinctures, with unique flavors and Quantum CBD, makes our wellness products cutting-edge and ahead of their time in the category," stated Amal Parsons, Owner. Amal continues "Our one-of-a-kind skin care products are packed with the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients including root extracts, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, ferulic acids, antioxidants, in addition to other hand-picked ingredients, and they all contain CBD." Amal Parsons concluded, "We are seeing some very fast and amazing results with customers that are using them after just a few days. It's more than we could have hoped for and expected, and we are so pleased with the outcome."

One of the main reasons Enradia CBD was started was to bring awareness to Mental Health and to give back to the Hope Program. The HOPE Program is a new program intended to empower participants who have suffered from psychosis/mental health issues to achieve their personal goals, and live a meaningful life despite their experiences. Enradia CBD gives back a portion of their proceeds to this active foundation.

Dr. Adam Parsons commented, "We had a mission and drive to search for a unique and objectively superior CBD particle to drive the CBD community in a positive direction, and that's when Enradia CBD was born." 

Enradia CBD's mission is to improve general wellbeing and mental health during a period of time in which these factors are paramount through our continuous review of research and use of our momentum to advocate for safe, quality controlled, and regulated reform for the CBD community.

The benefits of CBD are endless and it's been known to help:

-          Relieve pain

-          Improve focus and mental clarity

-          Improve mood

-          Help with sleep irregularities

-          Help with muscle aches and joint pain

-          Reduce anxiety

-          With conditions relating to the skin

We are pleased to bring Enradia CBD products to market through our direct to consumer channels, and as the word spreads and our products continue to reach the lives of many, our hope is that our communities stay healthy, well and educated about the benefits of CBD.

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