PlacidWay Promotes Neolife Medical Center Which Utilizes the Latest in Breakthrough Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery Technologies

Neolife Medical Center, located in Istanbul, Turkey, provides the latest in breakthrough radiotherapy and radiosurgery technologies in the field of cancer treatment, utilizing the new TrueBeam STX.

TrueBeam Technology Advances

The TrueBeam radiotechnology is the most advanced in combining sophisticated synchronization of respiration and imaging tools. The technology enables doctors and researchers to literally visualize moving, soft tissues during treatments. This enables them to make changes as needed through the process. The newest capabilities of such a system offer high-intensity modes, enabling doctors and radiotherapists to deliver larger doses of medication in smaller spaces, in shorter periods.

The Neolife Medical Center in Turkey utilizes the newest technology in their globally renowned Oncology Center, offering internationally recognized physicians and medical professionals the latest in treatment protocols.

The technology is a platform that can now be used for numerous forms of radiotherapy modalities including:

- Radiosurgery
- Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)
- Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)
- Volumetric Intensity-Modulated Arc Therapy (RapidArc)
- Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)
- 3-D Conformal Radiotherapy

The new technology also enables intra--and extra-cranial radiosurgery applications, combining radiotherapy and radiosurgery utilizing the same platform. This is beneficial to patients because the dosage rates can be increased, as compared to older technologies, in more precise and rapid manners. This results in higher performance and optimal treatment processes, which also reduces the duration as well as number of treatments or sessions a patient must undergo. However, this technology also focuses on optimal focusing and targeted irradiation treatments, due to its unique ability to take extremely high resolution images.

The system moves around the patient on a continual basis, synchronizing both dosing and imaging while it moves, utilizing "intelligent" automation in a number of steps to cancer treatments including imaging and positioning. Another benefit to patients is shorter treatment periods, reducing treatment time from 10 to 15 minutes down to two minutes or less. More complex radiosurgery operations that used to last between 40 minutes and two hours can now be completed successfully in five to 20 minutes, while at the same time providing higher performance.

The level of synchronization and accurate targeting enables optimal dose delivery every 10 milliseconds throughout a treatment, which gives doctors the ability to now treat tumors inside a moving organ with high accuracy.

What Patients should know about TrueBeam Technology at Neolife

TrueBeam treatments are painless, and are similar to receiving an x-ray. Patients are awake during treatments, without any need for anesthesia. The technology is safe and noninvasive, reducing the need for open surgical procedures and interventions. Side effects are decreased because of the increased accuracy in targeting specific tissues, thereby protecting normal tissues that may surround a tumor.

Patients can undergo a treatment and then continue with their daily activities without limitations, and the technology is beneficial for all ages, even the very young or the very old, due to the decreased necessity of the utilizing anesthesia.

About Neolife

Neolife Medical Center is a world leader in oncology and cancer treatments, customizing treatment plans for each individual on a case-by-case platform. Neolife Medical Center also offers complimentary medicine choices as well as social and psychological support programs for patients being treated for a number of cancers.