PlacidWay and Medpark International Hospital Moldova Unite for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism became an important landmark on the global medical market. Patients turn more and more to more accessible medical markets in terms of money, transportation or facilities. Medical services can be also combined with leisure packages.

Medpark International Hospital in Chişinău, Republic of Moldova has all the elements to become a top destination for medical tourism. Thus Medpark International Hospital offers accessible transportation routes, highly qualified medical staff, state of the art equipment, customized care under one roof, care for the patient, affordable prices and the list could continue.

Medpark International Hospital is the first private hospital in Moldova and was realized ​​entirely with private foreign capital, by investors from Turkey and the USA. The multidisciplinary hospital, with an area of 12,500 m2 and a capacity of 75 beds was opened to the public in early 2011. Medpark International Hospital is accredited by Joint Commission International - the global leader in accrediting health care organizations.

Medpark International Hospital is designed as a center of excellence, having a policlinic offering consultations in more than 30 medical specialties, a maternity ward, an operation block with four operating theatres and one interventional cardiology room integrated with two intensive care and resuscitation units.

Also Medpark International Hospital has its own laboratories for analysis that have ultramodern medical and technical equipment. Thus the diagnostic department within the hospital provides:magnetic resonance, computed tomography, digital angiography, bone densitometry, mammography and radiology, endoscopy and high-resolution ultrasonography investigations. However what is really important, highly qualified medical staff is available 24 hours a day to provide you with the highest quality services.

Medpark International Hospital points to be one of the European leaders in providing world-class medical services, setting the standard of excellence in patient care, by way of combining the following attributes:

- Attracting and retaining highly proficient health care specialists
- Providing the most advanced medical technologies
- Preserving high quality and safety of medical care
- Being committed to personal and collective accountability

Medpark International Hospital provides 12 beds in the intensive care ward, 57 standard rooms and 6 VIP lounges that offer a separate room adjacent to the ward the patient, which can be used by the family members of the visitors of the patient. All hospital wards are designed for single occupancy and are equipped with air conditioning, private bathroom with shower, refrigerator, TV and announcing the healthcare system.

Offering top medical care to patients, using modern and advanced technologies and having an experienced medical staff, Medpark International Hospital aims to respond to all health inquiries.

Medpark International Hospital and PlacidWay will help people from all over the world to get healthy at reasonable prices.

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