Pivotal Analytics Partners With Unite Us to Improve Healthcare Planning

Pivotal Analytics and Unite Us Announce Data Partnership Improving Healthcare Capacity Planning through Health-Specific Consumer Segmentation Modeling

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Pivotal Analytics, a provider of next-generation business intelligence technology for healthcare investment decisions, announced today they are partnering with Unite Us, the nation's leading technology company connecting health and social care services. The partnership will combine key datasets and develop a proprietary consumer segmentation model that improves the accuracy of healthcare strategy, capacity, and location-planning decisions.

Together, Pivotal Analytics and Unite Us will enable organizations to move from a provider-centric model to a consumer-centric planning process by incorporating health-specific, behavioral data and data from Unite Us' unique Social Needs System (SNS), which scores population risk based on social determinants of health (SDoH), into Pivotal's ecosystem, which addresses consumer attitudes, preferences, and expectations. 

Unite Us' unique socioeconomic data and predictive modeling—newly integrated into the Pivotal platform—adds to Pivotal's existing ecosystem of top-tier, integrated healthcare and location data sources, including robust patient claims data and an expanding set of proprietary models and methodologies.

As the rise of "retail" in healthcare continues, health systems are focusing on identifying the preferences of new healthcare consumer segments and becoming more consumer-centric in how they position and provide care. Rather than relying on traditional consumer retail data, providers recognize they need data based on the true drivers and predictors of consumer healthcare consumption.

According to Fady Barmada, Pivotal's President and Co-Founder, "A person's needs, lifestyle, risks, preferences, and behaviors drive how (and how much) they utilize care services within the healthcare ecosystem. These new models segment the population of a specific market into major healthcare utilization categories, each with a unique blend of social, lifestyle, and clinical risks that leverage Unite Us' extensive consumer database and in-depth understanding of SDoH-related impacts on populations. Pivotal users now gain a deeper understanding of a defined market's mix of healthcare utilizers and how that is likely to impact the mix, volume, cost, and location of care demanded and the facilities and staff needed."

"Factors such as income, employment, and community safety are all social determinants of health that significantly impact individuals' overall health, especially for the most marginalized populations," said Irene Wong, Senior Director of Channel Partnerships at Unite Us. "Pivotal's expertise working with providers and enabling them with the insights to make proactive decisions on placement of future hospitals and facilities puts us in a unique situation to be able to impact not only access to healthcare services but social services as well. By partnering with Pivotal, we're further empowering customers to make data-driven decisions to reach underserved communities where they're at with the end goal of increasing health and social equity," she added.

To be competitive and better address care gaps, health systems need relevant, data-driven insights, such as Pivotal's healthcare utilization categories, which they can access quickly and easily. Other capacity and planning experts in healthcare real estate will also benefit from these insights, including developers, investors, consultants, and architects. The Unite Us/Pivotal partnership allows Pivotal users to dynamically create planning scenarios leveraging these behavioral insights while building and supporting business cases, all within a single platform.

The utilization segments are available for purchase from Pivotal Analytics. Customized models and consumer segment profiles are also available as part of a joint consulting arrangement between the two companies. For more information, contact Pivotal Analytics' Sales at sales@pivotal-analytics.com or online

About Unite Us:                                                                                                                  

Unite Us is a technology company that builds coordinated care networks of health and social service providers. With Unite Us' end-to-end solution, providers across sectors identify social care needs, send and receive secure electronic referrals, report on tangible outcomes, and streamline payment models within a secure and collaborative ecosystem. Unite Us' community engagement teams build sustainable partnerships with local organizations to ensure networks have solid foundations, launch successfully, and continue to grow and thrive. This HITRUST-certified social care infrastructure helps communities address social determinants of health and advance health equity. Follow Unite Us on LinkedInTwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

About Pivotal Analytics:

Pivotal Analytics is a data analytics and insights company seeking to redefine how healthcare systems and their partners identify growth opportunities and optimize real estate investment decisions in a value-based care market. We believe that more innovative and dynamic healthcare planning reduces operational and financial risk while ultimately improving access to quality, affordable care. Pivotal empowers healthcare stakeholders to develop better systems of care by enabling consumer-centric decisions of who and what to put where. Pivotal's business intelligence platform integrates traditional and nontraditional data, powerful analytics, and deep healthcare knowledge into hyper-localized insights and geo-based visualizations that locate care opportunities across the U.S. Read our Healthcare System and HRE Developer customer stories and follow us on LinkedIn.

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