Pivotal Analytics Makes Strategic Talent Hires on Path to Pivotal 2.0

Strategic healthcare analytics platform Pivotal invests in key talent as part of its new growth and product enhancement strategy

Pivotal Analytics, the creator of strategic healthcare analytics solution Pivotal, announced it has hired key talent, including several industry leaders, to bolster its Engineering and Growth teams. This investment is part of a larger strategy fueled by the company's $10.2M Series A funding round completed in October 2021.

Key hires include:

  • Jeff Chromulak, Director of Platform Stability: 10+ years leading technology projects as architect or lead developer, with depth in security, compliance, governance, and testing.
  • Rob Haberstroh, Senior Manager Data & Analytics: 5+ years as lead data steward for all PNC Bank's deposit data, managing over 100 million records of data per month.
  • JR Hohman, Data Architect: Nearly 30 years operationalizing and integrating complex, large-volume data across multiple industries and multi-billion-dollar acquisitions.
  • Jeremy Moore, VP of Engineering: 15+ years leading development teams for startups through Fortune 500 companies, with emphasis on new technology product development.
  • Todd Kozikowski, Chief Revenue Officer: 20+ years leading business development, sales, and product efforts, fueling company growth and $5B in market value. 
  • Sylvia Marten, Chief Marketing Officer: 20+ years in healthcare and health tech, leading strategic marketing, digital, and growth efforts for startups and early-stage companies.

"We committed to our investors that bringing in top talent in key areas was priority one," said Carl Davis, CEO and Co-Founder of Pivotal Analytics. "Through our networks and partners, we were able to identify strong candidates with the skillsets, achievements, drive, and cultural fit we wanted. I'm beyond thrilled with the new folks coming on board, not only for what they bring to the table, but also for their shared passion around the Pivotal vision and mission."

"These individuals bring a wealth of expertise in critical areas to Pivotal, including industry depth in healthcare, technology, and real estate, and functional depth in data science, product development, strategic growth, and thought leadership," said Fady Barmada, President and Co-Founder of Pivotal Analytics. "We are confident with the team we are building we have what it takes to significantly enhance our core platform, forge key strategic partnerships, and meet critical needs of our healthcare and real estate customers."

About Pivotal Analytics

Pivotal Analytics is a technology company seeking to redefine the way healthcare systems and their partners identify growth opportunities while optimizing their real estate portfolios. Our belief is that more innovative and dynamic healthcare planning reduces operational and financial risk while ultimately improving access to quality, affordable care. We empower healthcare stakeholders - healthcare organizations, developers, REITs, consultants, and other healthcare facility experts - to develop better systems of care by enabling consumer-centric decisions of who and what to put where. Through Pivotal, a unique, map-based intelligence platform, we integrate traditional and non-traditional data, powerful analytics, and deep healthcare knowledge into map-based visualizations that locate providers, services, facilities, patient needs and preferences, and care gaps across the U.S. For more information, visit us at pivotal-analytics.com and on LinkedIn.

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Source: Pivotal Analytics