Piedmont Elite Marketing, Inc. Notes Promotions, Grows Team

Piedmont Elite Marketing, Inc.'s President highlighted a handful of recent promotions and a prestigious conference at which the firm was represented. He also discussed an ongoing hiring push.

​At Piedmont Elite Marketing, Inc. the company’s leaders stress development and constant improvement. They also provide clear pathways to advancement for their team members. “It’s a growth culture through and through,” stated Judson, the President. “Our talented and driven team members receive ongoing training and set aggressive goals for their own development. In fact, four of our top performers have just been promoted from the brand ambassador role to campaign management. We couldn’t be prouder of J.R. M., Tarren B., Josh S., and Jennalynne B., and I know they will thrive in their new positions.”

J.R. has previous experience as a business owner, which gives him a unique perspective. The President added, “For all his knowledge and experience, J.R. is very humble and goes above and beyond to learn new skills. He sets a fine example through the student mentality he brings to his work.”

"It's a growth culture through and through,"

Judson, President

Tarren and Josh are both dedicated problem solvers. Judson explained, “Tarren overcomes any challenges that may be present when there’s a problem that needs a solution. Josh is very analytical, and he brings a systematic approach to everything he does. We are very lucky to have these sharp thinkers on our team here at Piedmont Elite Marketing, Inc.”

Jennalynne is highly qualified and skilled, but she also has a real drive to continue improving. “She is always looking for useful feedback and finding new ways to build her skill set,” the President remarked. “Jennalynne has a knack for making everyone around her better.”

Piedmont Elite Marketing, Inc.’s President Details a Recent Conference and Current Hiring Initiative

Judson believes everyone must continue learning and investing in self-improvement. He stated, “Even when you are promoted to the top level, there is still a lot to learn. That’s why I continue to travel across the country to learn from other accomplished business leaders. This dedication to advancement sets us apart from our competition so much that we’ve even been selected by a local company to test its products. We’ll be starting in a few small test markets to hone our approach and from there we’ll make a wider launch. This is a very exciting time!”

The commitment to sharpening skills also led to Jessica’s selection to spend three days at an exclusive conference in California. Judson explained, “She was chosen due to being a true business partner who displays complete honesty and a desire to be the best. Jessica went into the conference with the sole intention of improving Piedmont Elite Marketing, Inc. as a whole and taking our firm to a new level.”

The President and his fellow leaders will be looking for the same discipline and commitment to improvement as they build their team over the next few months. “We are looking for business-minded people who are ready to buy into Piedmont Elite Marketing, Inc.’s mission of continuous development,” Judson concluded. “Anyone who would like to learn more is invited to visit our website.”

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