PicFun Tech Limited Launches KaKa Camera - Selfie Filter Camera With 500 Powerful Filters

Featured by App Store in US Photo Category

KaKa camera

PicFun Tech Limited, the critically acclaimed Hong Kong developers with hit apps like Mixoo, launches KaKa Camera, new selfie photo editing app for iOS devices.  KaKa Camera has been featured by App Store in US Photo Category on the day released .

KaKa Camera tends to become the new favorite selfie photo editing camera that will make selifes more beautiful and offer more than 500+. With its amazingly fast filter engine, the app tends to make things extremely easy for the end user.

“After Mixoo, which is still one of our most successful apps, we wanted to create a new unique app with powerful filters that are fast and can be changed and adjusted as users take the photo. That is the purpose of KaKa Camera and after months of development we finally think we have a great photo editor,” stated Eric Ge, CEO of PicFun Tech Limited.

Besides the great real-time filter camera effects, the app enables size adjustment so users can directly post it on different social media. It also comes with some great tools like photo timers, night mode, auto-save and manual focus.

“KaKa Camera is intuitive. We worked really hard to make it simple and easy, yet to offer great photo editing effects and easy sharing of photos on social media. In this fast and demanding lives we are living, we want to offer tools that will save time and offer great results, and that is what KaKa Camera ultimately does the best,” added Mr. Ge.

Source: PicFun Tech Limited

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