PI.EXCHANGE Announces the World's First Personal Data Bank is Ready

An AI driven mobile app that allows anyone to invest with their data for free.

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Today, PI.EXCHANGE confirmed that their eagerly awaited mobile app would be launching its global beta for iOS in late September 2017. The smart-phone app and more crucially the AI platform that supports it enables the average Joe to effortlessly store, add value to and eventually earn from the data they generate.

In an interview earlier today, Founder and CEO of PI.EXCHANGE Quan Pham speaks of a vision to develop the product far beyond its current capacity. “Leveraging a strong data science core, we aim to bring rewards to individuals far beyond what is imaginable today – both financially and with free features simply powered by insights.” Most companies actively avoid showing their customers the value of their data, to withhold it as best possible. PI.EXCHANGE flips the script and lets users own every single byte of data collected with them.

The September launch, aside from allowing users to effortlessly invest with and grow the value of their data – also provides some pretty cool AI-powered features including:   ​​

  • A dashboard to track the growth of your personal data portfolio
  • Several personal insights screens providing personality insights, activity maps likability trackers and an incredibly beautiful locations map.
  • Digital personality insights of popular celebrities and public figures ranging from Snoop Dogg to Barack Obama.
  • The ability to compare your personality to famous people and share it!

PI.EXCHANGE is a company that specializes in ethically extracting insights from personal data to empower individuals, businesses and the planet as a whole. The organization is heavily focused on unlocking barriers for innovation using human-based insights and sees the creation of a personal data economy as a crucial part of enabling trust and collaboration between businesses and consumers in an increasingly data-driven world.

Media Contact: 
Hersh Bhatt
Phone: +61 431699429
Email: Hersh.Bhatt@PI.EXCHANGE



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PI.EXCHANGE is the world's first AI-powered personal data bank, focused on generating both monetary and insight-driven benefits for users. PI.EXCHANGE democratizes data by enabling access to people-based insights to businesses of all sizes.

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