Physical Therapists Win Practice of the Year Award for Contributions to Society

Hands-On Diagnostics completed its 5th Annual Symposium with the announcement of the winners of the Practice of the Year Awards aimed to honor Physical Therapists for their contributions to their communities and to the profession of Physical Therapy.

Recipients of 2018 HODS Practice of the Year Award

Physical Therapists from around the country gathered in New York once again for the annual symposium of Hands-On Diagnostics (HODS).  Hands-On Diagnostics is a national franchise that helps Physical Therapists incorporate in their practices a variety of diagnostic tests such as electromyography to assess muscles and nerves and musculoskeletal ultrasound sonography to help look inside the body at the areas of joint pain and discomfort.

Recent research shows that Physical Therapy can be by 60 percent more effective when these tests are incorporated in the evaluation of patients. Dr. Vicky Buchanan of Regional Physical Therapy from Oklahoma, Dr. Bart McDonald of Superior Physical Therapy from Idaho and Dr. Nathan Shields of Rise Diagnostics and PT from Alaska perform extensively these tests to patients who need them and use objective evidence-based data to create the most effective treatment plans for their patients.

We create accurate, evidence-based and more effective treatment plans for our patients

Nathan Shields, Co-founder Rise Diagnostics

Dr. Buchanan reported the case of a patient who was sent for Physical Therapy, yet the point of care musculoskeletal ultrasound on the patient's knee demonstrated the need for a surgical consultation. The surgeon used the ultrasound data to perform his surgery without the use of expensive MRI testing and the patient had outstanding results.

Dr. Shields, who spoke at the HODS symposium, explained how his Physical Therapy treatments are so much more effective with the use of these diagnostic tests. “We create accurate, evidence-based and more effective treatment plans for our patients with the use of electromyography and ultrasound sonography. Patients are getting better faster and are happier.”

Dr. McDonald explained how he collaborates with the patient physicians using a team approach to help manage patient care with significantly higher patient satisfaction rates as well as higher physician satisfaction rates. “Patients are happy, referring physicians are happy and I am happy,” says Dr. McDonald.

These three entrepreneurial and forward-thinking physical therapists received the highest recognition that HODS gives for their contribution to society and to the physical therapy profession. They are the recipients of the HODS Practice of the Year Award.

Source: Hands-On Diagnostics

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