PHP Software Developers For Better PHP Scripts: Programmers With New Offer For Interactive Websites & Online Shop Development

Internet Service provider Bitpalast opens its software development to new customers looking for qualified PHP-programmers. A new website shows specific examples and pricing.

Internet service provider Bitpalast started developing software for MS DOS and MS Windows in the early 1990s, but changed its focus to internet services before the new millennium. Still, Bitpalast never completely abandoned software development. To this day, a significant share of the company's earnings still stems from this part of the business. A large Berlin bank bought a fleet management system, an apparel and lingerie mail order company from southern Germany had its entire online shop developed by Bitpalast and countless websites today are using scripts originally created by Bitpalast's software development.

"Most of our web hosting customers have to find a way to make their websites dynamic and interactive," explains Bitpalast general manager Peter Debik (41). "We therefore decided to merge our web hosting and software development divisions." Since mid March, Bitpalast has been offering software development for fixed hourly rates on a dedicated website. The company's proposal extends beyond PHP script development and MySQL database design. While this combination is the most popular one on the net, Bitpalast offers programming in five compiler and four script languages, and has been providing such services on many projects already. In addition, Bitpalast possesses know-how on five databases, all common Office applications, several well-known online shops and content management systems.

Says Debik, "We develop software of any size. It could be an online shop that we program from the ground up including all interfaces and web design, as we have recently done for an aviation hobby store. It could also be a small VisualBasic script automating daily work with an office software. We just did that for a doctor's office." These examples and pricing can be found on the Bitpalast website, providing guidance to prospective clients regarding software development costs. However, Bitpalast programmers will always have to make specific offers for each individual job, since every software development project is different. Bitpalast therefore offers cost estimates free of charge.

Unlike cheap "hit and run" student programmers that after graduating cannot be reached for questions regarding software they have developed during their time at university, Bitpalast has been working in the business for more than 20 years and will remain a reliable partner in years to come. Each developed software is documented and Bitpalast programmers guarantee lifetime support to all their customers. All Bitpalast programmers are required to be officially certified IT-specialists or have a degree.

About Bitpalast:
Since 1990, the company has been developing into a leading provider of systematic internet solutions and today operates web servers for international, almost exclusively commercial customers. The portfolio includes website design, web hosting services, personal support for each customer as well as individual software development.



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