Photo Exhibition Dedicated to the Events of Odessa Tragedy on May 2 Opened in Terracina, Italy

On June 29, photo exhibition "Odessa tragedy" dedicated to the terrible events opened in the hall of Albatros Hotel in Terracina, Italy.

The exhibition aims to attract the attention of an international audience to the need for unbiased and independent investigation of the Odessa events of May 2, 2014 resulting in deaths of 48 people. Organizers of the exhibition are the “Il Salvagnete” Association and Odessa activists, witnesses of the May 2 tragedy.

The photos presented at the exhibition are a documentary of chronological evidence for the events of May 2, which became a black day for the citizens of Odessa, Ukraine. That day, dozens of citizens were killed by fire and smoke inside the Trade Union’s House in consequence of the tacit inaction of law enforcement agencies in Odessa.

“Odessa citizens who took part in today's conference witnessed the tragedy with their own eyes. The information presented was somewhat different from what has been broadcasted on Italian media,” noted Giulietto Chiesa, famous Italian journalist and politician who took place in the conference opening the exhibition.

Odessa’s tragedy caused a great resonance and attracted international attention. European human rights organizations in France, Belgium, Spain, Austria, and Serbia held a series of activities, providing Europeans with documentary evidence of the tragedy.

On June 15, the UN Commission on Human Rights issued the report on the human rights situation in Ukraine, in which numerous facts and details of the May 2 tragic events were presented in chronological order.

Currently, a number of investigations, including civil and journalist ones are being carried out. The “May 2” group whose members investigated dozens of videos and thousands of photos was created by civil activists and journalists of Odessa. The first results of this group's investigation have been already published (in Russian).

Civil activists from Odessa and European Union will keep sharing the results of the ongoing investigations of the Odessa tragedy and appeal to European and international community for unbiased, profound and independent investigation of those events.

Contact information:
Antonio D'Ettorre
“Il Salvagnete” Association