Pharma Supply, Inc.'s PetTest Brand Announces Free Shipping Options to Canada

Earlier today, the rising star brand in pet diabetes testing supplies, PetTest by Advocate, rolled out an exciting new offer to Canadian Customers providing free shipping options. This option has been in development for several months and now Canadian PetTest shoppers are rejoicing at the sight of FREE shipping options on their online orders over $50 USD from PetTest at

Better still, PetTest orders are now shipping from within Canada, so fulfillment timelines are streamlined and delays from Customs are long gone. 

It's so refreshing to see a US company make an effort in our woefully under-served pet market!

Mike Landis

Those with diabetic dogs and cats have been longing for a more budget-friendly blood glucose monitoring system for the Canadian market, but without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. 

Until now, either high shipping costs offset the savings PetTest offered or long delays due to Customs or the US-to-CA Post Office “handoff” occurred, making the experience of buying PetTest less than ideal for our neighbors to the north. However, with today’s announcement, shoppers are already buzzing.

“It’s so refreshing to see a US company make an effort in our woefully underserved pet market!” remarked Canadian customer Mike Landis.

Source: Pharma Supply, Inc.

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