Peter Cennamo and Teacher Tech Join Fight to Save Stray Dogs

Teacher Tech and Peter Cennamo have decided to strive for animal awarness awareness by bringing the harsh realities of lost and stray dogs into attention. Help join in their crusade by giving to your local SPCA. Everyone can give just a little.

Teacher Tech's Peter Cennamo read an article about satos, the stray dogs of Puerto Rico, Cennamo found himself gripped by the plight of these homeless dogs. After the success of Traer Scott's first book, "Shelter Dogs," Scott was able to revisit the subject that had captured her attention several years before. In early 2007, Scott traveled to Puerto Rico and Mexico to work with animal rescuers and organizations, and at the end of the experience found herself with a second book, "Street Dogs."

Scott's poignant introduction to the book sets the stage for the beautiful portraits and outdoor photographs that follow. Peter Cennamo and Teacher Tech believe that this book paints an all too real picture of the harsh and cruel lives that these stray dogs encounter. Scott explains, "I could write volumes recounting endless anecdotes and stories of success, heartbreak, exhilaration, and exhaustion that I, and the people who worked so harmoniously with me, experienced during the making of this book. But in the end, it is the job of the photographs to communicate what I can't even begin to explain in words."

And true to her word, through her photographs Traer tells a haunting story, not just of the 34 named dogs she includes, but of the many anonymous dogs in the book, and the thousands of other strays in Puerto Rico and Mexico living on streets, in dumps, and anywhere they can find a scrap of food. Please Join Peter Cennamo and the Teacher Tech team and give to your local SPCA. Together we can save some dogs!


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