Peter Cennamo and Teacher Tech: Saving lives, One Stray At A Time

Deeply concerned with the harsh reality of lost and stray adoptable pets Teacher Tech and Peter Cennamo have decided to take the first step in shedding more attention on this worthy cause. Please help your local SPCA. Together we can help.

Peter Cennamo and Teacher Tech agree that dogs that are stray and running wild can be a hazard. When a stray dog is found, it is important to take action quickly to stop the dog from hurting himself or causing traffic accidents. It is also a legal requirement to report stray dogs. A stray dog that is in the street or entering into school premises will be urgently dealt with by the authorities and should be reported immediately.

Reporting a Stray Dog
If a stray dog is found, the first thing to do is to report it to the proper authorities. A stray dog can be reported to both the police and the local authority. When reporting a stray dog the following information is required:

The contact details of the person finding the dog. This includes name, address, telephone number and email address.
A description of the dog. This should include the type or breed of dog, its colour and size, approximate age and any features that might help to identify it.

Getting a Stray Dog into Secure Space
A friendly dog may be quite happy to be led into a safe and secure environment such as a garden. He may be encouraged with a few tasty tidbits or morsels of food. This will stop the dog from wandering further and will make it easier for the authorities to find him. If the dog is friendly, then this is also a good opportunity to check him for any identification. This includes whether he has a name tag on his collar or other means of identification.

Keeping a Stray Dog
A stray dog legally has to be reported even if someone wants to keep it. This means that the original owners can find the dog if they want to and that there is a record of where the stray dog is being kept. Peter Cennamo and Teacher Tech agree that this is an important step in aiding lost and stray animals. Before deciding on whether to keep a stray dog it is important to consult with the local authority or dog warden about any legal requirements. While giving a home to a stray dog may seem a good thing to do, there are many things to consider. A dog may have been injured or contracted an illness when living rough, he may also have behavioural or personality disorders. Adopting a dog from an animal rescue centre or shelter may be a better alternative. Dogs from animal welfare centres will have been checked by a vet and treated for any health problems.

Reporting a stray dog is important as it means that the dog will be cared for in a safe environment and will not be a risk to others. Peter Cennamo's Teacher Tech encourages everyone to lend a hand. Once an animal is deemed adoptable it can be a lifelong friend. Please support your local SPCA.


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