Petbiotics Makes Its Debut as Probiotic-Powered Shampoo and Cleaner Product Line for Pets

The Makers of Airbiotics Announces Their New Probiotic-Powered Product Line that is All-Natural, Gentle, Safe, and Effective for Pets

Petbiotics, a probiotic-powered shampoo and cleaner line for pets, recently made its debut as a safe and all-natural way to eliminate pet odors while cleaning everything in a pet's home.

Petbiotics is introduced to the eCommerce world by the makers of Airbiotics, the only Environmental Probiotic Technology in the world designed to protect indoor living spaces from air and surface contaminants.

Petbiotics uses probiotics to restore balance and promote healthy, clean living. Probiotics puts nature to work to eliminate odors and stains right at the source.

The Clean Home Recharge helps to eliminate stains and odors and keeps a pet's home clean. It is an eight-ounce recharge concentrate that is a smart and environmentally-friendly. The Clean Home Recharge allows for 44 spray bottle fills. It is safe for the whole family and works great on surfaces like floors, walls, and furniture. It is also tough enough to clean spots and stains from potty accidents on carpets, pet beds, and more.

The No Bath Probiotic-Powered Pet Spray is the perfect solution to clean your pet in-between baths. This safe and all-natural topical spray is powered by probiotics to keep pets smelling fresh and clean in-between baths without masking or covering up the smell.

The Salon Pro Red Algae Infused Pet Shampoo is an all-natural, premium shampoo for pets that is specially blended to clean, condition, and revitalize their coat and skin. The Salon & Spa Red Algae Infused Pet Grooming Spray is an all-natural, premium conditioner for pets that conditions their skin, leaving their coats shiny while helping to prevent scratching and itching. The Red Algae Infused Pet Wipes are all-natural cleansing wipes for pets that clean and condition a pet's skin and help to rejuvenate their coat.

Petbiotics uses red algae in their shampoo, conditioner, and wet wipes to bring natural, premium skin and hair care to pets. Red algae is rich in vitamins (A, E and B complex), minerals, amino acids, and anti-inflammatory and microbial nutrients; and, is found to moisturize, condition, soothe, and restore vitality.

About Petbiotics

From the Maker of Airbiotics, Petbiotics is a probiotic-powered shampoo and cleaner line for pets that is an all-natural way to eliminate pet odors and clean everything in a pet's home. Our probiotic-powered pet shampoos and cleaners are gentle, safe and effective. Our products use probiotics to restore balance and promote healthy, clean living like nature intended. Red algae is used in our products as a source of healing vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to bring natural, premium skin and hair care to pets.

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