Airbiotics Introduces Revolutionary Way of Cleaning

Non-Toxic, All-Natural Cleaning Product Line Introduces New Way to Clean with Probiotic-Powered Cleaners.

Airbiotics, an all-natural, non-toxic cleaning products line that is powered by probiotics, introduces a revolutionary way of cleaning.

Airbiotics’ groundbreaking line of cleaning products is powered by probiotics. Instead of killing the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria like regular cleaners do, Airbiotics uses probiotics to consume the biofilm which eliminates the food source dust mites and other bacterium feed off of.

Airbiotics has an innovative product line of cleaners that have what it takes to change your lifestyle completely and help you breathe clearly again.

Robert Meirovich, Founder

Airbiotics offers a variety of cleaning products including their:

1)      All Natural, All-Purpose Cleaner – This eliminates the source of indoor allergens and contaminants, while designed to protect the environment and to provide a healthy indoor atmosphere.

2)      Probiotic Mist Home Spray – This is an all-natural, probiotic-powered, fabric and air freshener that helps freshen fabrics, protect a home against allergens such as dust mites and pet dander, helps control odors, and leaves air truly fresh and clean.

3)      Probiotic Natural Hand Cleaner – This is powered by probiotics to safely eliminate harmful bacteria and restore balance.

Airbiotics offers different sizes of the various cleaners including travel packs, as well as a full Airbiotics Probiotic Protection Pack with all of their cleaners included.

Airbiotics has a range of benefits including how the products promote better health and not pose a risk to one’s health; cleans brilliantly without the need for gloves, heavy scrubbing, or noxious odors; are safe to use around babies, children, and pets; are fast, easy to use, and effective; produce a long-lasting clean for fewer chores; and, are cost-effective. One two-ounce bottle of their All-Purpose Cleaner fills 10 spray bottles.

“Airbiotics has an innovative product line of cleaners that have what it takes to change your lifestyle completely and help you breathe clearly again," said Robert Meirovich, founder of Airbiotics. Unlike regular cleaning solutions, there are no harsh chemicals within the formula; yet, it is the strongest when it comes to eliminating odors and reducing allergens. The company’s eco-friendly products actually deconstruct biofilm, instead of regular cleaners that enable bad bacteria to thrive.

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About Airbiotics

Airbiotics is an all-natural, eco-friendly cleaner product line powered by the strength of probiotics. Airbiotics uses an all-natural probiotic formula which is the only Environmental Probiotic Technology in the world designed to protect indoor living spaces from air and surface contaminants. Their products work at the microscopic level removing dangerous allergens and contaminants that are known to cause infection, asthma, headache, sinus pain, coughing, trouble breathing, fatigue, and much more.

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