Personal Safety Partitions Create a Needed Uptick in Commercial Sales for Safety From COVID-19

Personal Safety Partition Hanging

Steel Guard Safety Corp, a leading manufacturer of industrial curtain and specialty barrier products, announced the release of Personal Safety Partition for use in restaurants, checkout counters, medical offices and any business area that need protection from close contact interaction.

Steel Guard Safety CEO Gregory Pretsch said, “The demand for clear partitions through COVID-19 has made us rethink a design for not just industrial users but also for commercial clients in a wide span of industries. The design is sleek, has minimal parts, and is more cost-effective than using acrylic-based hanging protective partitions.”

The Hanging Protective Safety Partition is specifically made to protect employees and customers from airborne, virus-containing droplets caused by speaking, sneezing, laughing or coughing. This greatly minimizes face-to-face interactions. Clear safety partitions are minimally intrusive and made from heavy-duty PVC and a sleek aluminum Keder frame.

Benefits of Steel Guards Personal Safety Partition:

·       Made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum Keder frame

·       Easily hangs from clear line with S-hooks and drop ceiling or beam clamp mount

·       Made from 20 MIl clear PVC, meeting USDA and NFPA-701 standards

·       Easy to clean and sanitize

·       Minimally intrusive design also creates a sound barrier between users

·       Standard and custom sizes available

All Hanging Sneeze Guards come with a complete kit to hang in minutes to create a safe barrier for workers and customers alike. For more information, take a look a look at Steel Guards' website for Personal Safety Partitions.

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For more information, contact Steel Guard Safety Corp at 800-347-8368 or

About Steel Guard Safety Corp manufactures an extensive line of Industrial Curtain Walls, Hanging Sneeze Guards, Retractable Welding Curtains, Blankets, and Weld Screens, Lead Blankets, Body Shop Curtains, Mesh Curtains, Dock Door Screens, Sound-Blocking Curtains, Machine Fencing Barriers, Rollup Doors, Clear Vinyl Curtains, COVID Protection Barriers, Portable Sneeze Guards, Hanging Sneeze Guards and other Custom Safety Protective Barriers. 

Steel Guard Safety complementary product lines available for barrier protection:

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