From Construction Sites to Amusement Park Noise Pollution: Steel Guard Safety Expands Product Lines to Accommodate Any Sound Attenuation Need

Steel Guard Safety Announces New Sound Blocking & Absorbing Materials Unique to the Industry Along With the Purchasing of New Machines to Created Quilted Substrates

Outdoor Construction Sound Barrier

​​Steel Guard Safety Corp, a leading manufacturer of industrial curtain and specialty barrier products, announced the release of new sound-absorbing substrates to accommodate the growing need of business clients in industrial and construction businesses that will give an extremely sturdy alternative to the options on the market.

Steel Guard Safety CEO Gregory Pretsch said, “Our clients and the industry are being clamped down by awareness of noise-induced hearing loss and this is creating a greater demand for sound control inside plants and also outside on construction sites. We are adding an outdoor construction sound curtain with materials that have very tough coated vinyls that the industry has not been using. This will provide a more durable alternative as well as expansion into our own quilted sound absorption materials for interior use.”

Shield™ Noise Control Materials for absorbing and blocking sound. The materials help create sound booths, acoustical sound blankets, noise control barriers, as well as new fiberglass-based options with heavy-duty 18 oz coated vinyl coverings not seen in the industry. The new material features an STC rating up to STC 33. The new outdoor-based materials have reinforced mass-loaded vinyl with varying thicknesses of fiberglass batting inside and highly durable coated vinyls on outdoor versions. The new materials are also excellent for acoustical enclosures, sound blankets, acoustic wall panels, and more.

The New Outdoor SCC-15, SCC-16, SCC-17, and SCC-18 Panels have a smooth finished look, with high-durability 18 oz coated vinyl exterior coverings. The panels work exceptionally well in many conditions as a sound absorber or blocker. Sound Shield can dramatically improve noise control in construction sites, amusement parks, zoos, sporting arenas, home theaters, gymnasiums, ice rinks, and places noise control is needed like environmentally sensitive areas such as food preparation areas. The panels are custom-made and available designed with CAD drawings for architects and engineers.

About Steel Guard Safety Corp manufactures an extensive line of industrial curtain wall barriers, including welding curtains, blankets and screens, auto body curtains, sound blocking curtains, fencing barriers, vinyl tarps and other custom safety protective barriers. Exclusive to Steel Guard is its Steel-Scrim Triaxial (3-Directional) Scrimmed Vinyl for superior strength used in many of its product lines. Other unique offerings include its iron-clad warranty with replacement of products up to six years, as well as the security of Steel Guard paying OSHA fines if something goes wrong with the product's application. The company offers the convenience of in-house sales reps as well as outside reps and distributor partners to accommodate onsite turnkey service. For more details, visit

Source: Steel Guard Safety Corp


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