Personal Injury Attorney Belal Hamideh: Disability Discrimination a Common Occurrence After Workplace Injuries

It is illegal for employers to take action against disabled workers.

Belal Hamideh Law

Attorney Belal Hamideh, a leading Southern California personal injury attorney based out of Long Beach, said that his office has observed a steady influx of people who have been injured on the job and are subsequently discriminated against in the workplace.

Those who have a diagnosed disability but can still perform duties with reasonable accommodations are protected by law. Therefore, an employer cannot perform an adverse action such as a firing or suspension due to a worker's disability. Under California law, workers who become disabled because of a workplace injury need to be given the opportunity to be reassigned to other duties that they are able to perform. Employers cannot cite poor job performance as a reason to fire an injured worker.

"The term disability covers anything that impacts your major life activities," said Hamideh, "and the discrimination has to take place because you are disabled."

Hamideh said that damages recovered in such cases can range from $100,000 to several million dollars. Plaintiffs can recover damages that cover lost wages, future loss of earnings, medical expenses as well as pain and suffering. In addition, unlike injury cases themselves, a plaintiff can be entitled to recover attorney fees as well as from a company that is deemed to have discriminated.

Hamideh represents individuals with personal injury cases, workers compensation and also discrimination in the workplace. In addition to disability discrimination, any worker who is discriminated against because of nationality, sexual orientation, gender or ethnicity are also protected under law. An employer's action against a person of these groups has to be motivated because they are part of that class.

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Source: Belal Hamideh Law

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