PerksCoin Reaches Softcap Early on in ICO, Closes Third Stage of ICO

PerksCoin ICO gaining momentum and progressing forward in each stage with only two stages left before ICO ends.

PerksCoin ICO Surpasses Softcap and Sells 16,500,000 PCT

The Softcap of 5,000,000 PCT was met early on in the ICO Public Presale stage. With the interest in the PerksCoin Transaction Platform growing daily, the PerksCoin ICO is doing very well. There is an increasing interest in PCT as the legalization of marijuana in Canada is quickly approaching. The Hardcap for PCT is set at 75,200,000 PCT and currently, 16,500,000.00 PCT have been sold at the time of writing, with a capitalization of $20,700,654.98 USD.

PerksCoin (PCT) is an ERC20 utility token that is set to run on decentralized blockchain technology, helping to address challenges faced by the worldwide cannabis industry in the financial, advertising and loyalty sector. The PerksCoin token will be the main transaction medium in the PerksCoin Transaction Platform (PTP) which will be cash free, running on decentralized blockchain technology, endorsing Secure Sale feature to prevent fraud within the marketplace, endorsing vote-based arbitration and appeal mechanisms to protect Buyers and Sellers, and engaged in the emission and the withdrawal of PCT tokens from circulation to lower risks of financial volatility.

CannaSOS has also partnered with WeedCoin in the last month, which will also be used in the PTP and will ensure all of the same transparencies, and Secure Sale features as PerksCoin does. Nebula was also the first decentralized assets exchange to accept PCT. Founder and CEO, Oleg Cheine, explained that “PTP will be used across a number of different industries, not just the cannabis industry, and will act as a type of PayPal for crypto. It truly is a revolutionary step in the way the crypto works, that really aims to protect both the seller and the merchant”. CannaSOS has partnered with six POS and payment processing companies where PerksCoin will be used in over 2500 shortly after the ICO and will be used in over 500,000 locations by 2020.”

There are three stages left in the ICO before it ends on February 28th, 2018. There are still PerksCoins, as well as promo codes and discounts available to join the PCT crypto revolution.

CannaSOS, founded in 2014, is a comprehensive social network and sophisticated advertising platform designed primarily for the cannabis industry. CannaSOS is a successful prototype of the global P2P ecosystem with a strong community of over 317,000 active users, 1020 business pages, and 230 social groups.

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