Pergola Styles for Every Type of Garden

Pergolas are the perfect addition to any garden, in any season - Softwoods reveals the best pergola looks for any style of garden.

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The humble pergola has come to be known as a staple of the classic Australian backyard - and as styles evolve and tastes change, a variety of pergola styles are emerging to suit any type of garden and outdoor setting. Softwoods, experts in decking, pergolas and other outdoor building projects, reveals the most popular pergola styles for different types of backyards.

Softwoods explains that there are almost an endless number of ways in which to build and style a pergola to fit seamlessly into any garden or outdoor setting. Pergolas represent a functional solution for varied weather conditions, the harsh Australian sun, falling leaves, twigs and branches, and more. However, the outdoor building expert asserts that the practicality of a pergola does not mean homeowners need to compromise on their personal design style in order to incorporate a quality pergola into their space.

For gardens with a whimsical feel and an abundance of greenery, Softwoods recommends adding natural shade with a living pergola roof. Incorporating crawling vines and lots of greenery into a pergola not only offers shade from the hot sun but elevates the look and feel of a pergola, helping it blend into its surroundings. Softwoods cautions homeowners that this style does require a level of maintenance to ensure the vines and greenery aren't putting too much pressure on the pergola. 

For more modern, sleek gardens - especially in climates that experience lots of rain - louvred pergola roofing is a fantastic option. Of course, it looks extremely chic - but its main appeal, says Softwoods, is the fact that it can be opened to let the sunshine in and closed again to keep out rain or other debris. The pergola itself can be painted any colour or designed using a variety of materials to ensure it conforms to the style of the garden.

Softwoods is an expert in building and styling pergolas - they also ship DIY pergola kits across Australia for homeowners who don't mind getting their hands dirty. To get started on a new outdoor building project or to learn more about decking, pergolas, carports and more, contact Softwoods today.

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