Perform[cb]'s In-House Platform, PerformLEAP, Patented by USPTO

Premier performance marketplace, Perform[cb], has officially patented its in-house marketing technology platform, PerformLEAP.

Perform[cb], the leader in cost-per-acquisition marketing, announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent No. 11,120,483 ("Affiliate Based Exchange and Resource Routing") related to the quality assurance provided by the company's in-house marketing technology platform, PerformLEAP®.

Created and developed by Perform[cb]'s in-house Development team in 2015, PerformLEAP is the company's proprietary end-to-end marketing platform. The platform was originally developed as an alternative to third-party tracking platforms and MMPs to which Perform[cb] was referring its clients. Nearly seven years later, PerformLEAP provides marketers with the ultimate campaign optimization and tracking tools, while arming affiliate partners with the ability to run and scale their businesses anytime, anywhere. PerformLEAP supplies marketers with the industry's highest quality traffic based on its quality assessment module. The platform collects and routes traffic by analyzing multiple factors, including historical traffic data and predetermined targeting criteria. PerformLEAP regularly monitors partner performance in conjunction with Perform[cb]'s proprietary anti-fraud software, PerformSHIELD, to analyze and determine the quality of traffic, guaranteeing our marketers safety and success in the affiliate industry. 

PerformLEAP is constantly evolving with new in-platform updates being released regularly throughout the year. Most recently, Perform[cb] announced the release of the refreshed PerformLEAP Marketer UI, which includes a new streamlined interface, navigation, and additional granular reporting options. Earlier this year, the PerformLEAP Newsfeed and Offer Discovery Interface were introduced, allowing increased visibility into offer activity and delivering customized offer recommendations based on historical affiliate data. Client feedback plays a major role in the development and implementation of platform updates; PerformLEAP's "Give Feedback" feature allows users to submit feedback for features or enhancements that could enable them to scale their offers and businesses more efficiently. Named MarTech Breakthrough's Best Marketing Performance Management Solution 2021, PerformLEAP continues to adapt to fulfill the needs of performance marketers around the world.

"We are pleased that the US Patent Office has recognized the uniqueness of our technology platform, PerformLEAP, and granted this patent," said Dzenis Softic, Chief Technology Officer at Perform[cb]. "The patent further strengthens the differentiation of Perform[cb] against its competitors and provides a sustainable competitive advantage in next-generation performance marketing technology. The patented invention is especially important for industries such as digital advertising where quality assurance, fraud prevention, and brand compliance are top of mind for advertisers."

About Perform[cb]
Recognized as the #1 Performance Network Worldwide since 2015, Perform[cb] is a distinguished leader within the performance marketing industry. Founded as Clickbooth in 2002, Perform[cb] experienced exponential organic growth allowing the company to complete a series of strategic acquisitions; each providing unique performance-based solutions for modern marketers and affiliate partners. 

Through their Network and Agency, Perform[cb] is a provider of online marketing services leveraging over two decades of experience, proprietary technology, and the best talent in the industry to empower brands to acquire new customers across diverse digital channels on a pay for results model. Powered by PerformLEAP, their robust end-to-end marketplace platform and protected by PerformSHIELD, their proprietary anti-fraud software, Perform[cb]'s "Think Bigger" vision is of a future in which all marketers are empowered to maximize the ROI of their marketing dollars by paying only for customers acquired. Learn more at

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About Perform[cb]

Founded as Clickbooth in 2002, recognized as the #1 in Outcomes Worldwide since 2015, and an award-winning Affiliate Management Agency, Perform[cb] is the leader in outcome-based marketing. Whether a streaming service looking to drive app downloads, a financial marketer seeking active investors, or an e-commerce brand looking to sell products, we have a solution that creates exactly the outcome you desire. Our Outcome Engine, powered by patented software, and our affiliate agency services support everything from the launch of a single campaign to full agency management of a brand’s affiliate program. The ultimate outcome is that brands are able to acquire customers smarter, safer, and at massive scale - paying only when a customer, is achieved.

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