Perform[cb] Named Top Growth Partner in 2020 AppsFlyer Performance Index

Premier mobile affiliate network, Perform[cb], is named among AppsFlyer's Top Partners in North America within the H1 2020 Performance Index.

Perform[cb] was named among AppsFlyer’s Top Performance Partners in North America within the Growth Index category in the company’s bi-annual Performance Index.

AppsFlyer, the world’s leading mobile attribution platform, has released its H1 2020 Performance Index. The Performance Index provides the mobile marketing and advertising industries with insights into the ever-evolving mobile ecosystem, pulling and analyzing data from over 27 billion installs, and more than 58 billion app opens across over 14,000 mobile apps.

AppsFlyer’s Performance Index is known as a highly respected industry benchmark, recognizing industry leaders within the mobile marketing space on a half-yearly basis. Perform[cb], formerly Adperio and Clickbooth, has been ranked within the Performance Index across several categories every year since its inception five years ago. 

Perform[cb] ranked highly this year within the Growth Index, earning a top ranking as the #12 Performance Partner in North America.

“It’s special, in a year with as many ups and downs and uncertainties as 2020, to be recognized yet again by AppsFlyer,” says Matthew Lord, Chief Strategy Officer for Perform[cb]. “It reinforces our core belief that performance marketing is the best way for apps and brands to acquire valuable new consumers.”

Both Perform[cb] CSO, Matthew Lord’s, and Director of Mobile Network Health, Ryan Atherton’s, continual work optimizing and innovating network attribution have played primary roles in the company’s consistent success within the mobile app install industry.

“Given the challenges this year has brought on, it was important to our team to maintain as much stability as possible for our clients,” says Ryan Atherton, Director of Mobile Network Health. “Our teams continue to innovate in order to protect our marketers from mobile fraud; the manual checks that our team conducts daily combined with our anti-fraud technology and working closely with third-party partners, such as Appsflyer ensure that we are delivering top-performing, clean traffic to our marketers’ campaigns.” 

About Us:

Formerly Clickbooth, Adperio, and Ignite OPM, Perform[cb] is the culmination of years of pioneering in the performance marketing industry. Headquartered in Sarasota, FL, Perform[cb] maintains three offices around the globe from North America to Europe. Founded in 2002, Clickbooth grew organically and through a series of strategic acquisitions, each offering a performance-based solution for modern marketers. A portfolio brand of private equity firm Centre Lane Partners since 2016, the company was rebranded as Perform[cb] in order to fulfill its vision to create the premier performance marketing destination in 2020. Their “Think Bigger” vision is of a future in which all marketers are empowered to maximize the ROI of their marketing dollars by paying only for customers acquired.   

Uniquely positioned to lead the digital marketing space based on brand trust, team experience, compliance best practices, and technological innovation, Perform[cb] is the #1 Affiliate Network Worldwide, offering strategic plans tailored to meet their clients’ specific marketing goals - all while only paying user acquisition on a pay-per-performance model. With the strictest compliance and brand protection standards in the industry, Perform[cb] operates with integrity and holds themselves and their clients to the highest standards. They create decisive winners and work relentlessly to secure alignment across their teams.

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