Perfectial Expands Its R&D Services With Feasibility Research and PoC Development

Perfectial, a seasoned custom software development vendor, expands the range of provided R&D services with Feasibility Research and PoC Development.

Perfectial - a custom software company

Perfectial, a seasoned custom software development vendor, expands the range of provided R&D services. The company’s modernized R&D department is now fully equipped, in terms of competence and resources, to help clients promptly assess the technical feasibility of their software projects, identify scope, specify requirements, mitigate development risks, find most advantageous implementation scenarios, and build early stage prototypes (Proofs of Concept).  

According to Ivan Kourza, who’s heading the R&D office, his team’s chief priority is to help Perfectial’s clients, mid-sized businesses and enterprises alike, to drive advancements within AI (ML, Computer Vision, NLP, Robotics), AR, VR, IoT, Blockchain and other fast-evolving areas. “The enterprise’s interest in modern tech has ramped up sharply over the last 5 years, yet often firms find themselves lacking the expertise to carry out the innovative projects properly. We’re here to assist them through every step of the way, beginning at the preliminary research,” says Ivan.  

Perfecial, keen on staying abreast of the latest tech trends, employs experienced data scientists, business analysts, software engineers, and quality assurance engineers. It’s uniquely poised to carry out full-cycle R&D, from requirement specification to design description to software validation, detailed verification reports, and PoC engineering, for clients who either lack in-house expertise or seek to enhance their capacities. 

About the new services 

The feasibility study service is focused on determining the scope of proposed projects, unveiling general tech stack requirements, evaluating strengths and weaknesses of various implementation scenarios, and unveiling hidden implementation hurdles. 

The PoC development service, however, covers main features validation and configuration of the needed infrastructure. It provides tangible evidence of an idea’s viability and thus allows firms to de-risk their investments. 

About Perfectial 

Perfectial is a seasoned custom software development company offering a wide range of premium consultancy and application engineering services. The firm provides organizations with access to over 200 tech experts, including top software development talent (.Net, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python and Node.js specialists), experienced Project Managers, UI/UX designers, and Quality Assurance engineers. 

Through years of wide-ranging experience, Perfectial has refined a systematic customer-centric approach and become synonymous with delivering intuitive, cost-effective solutions that help streamline business processes, enhance companies’ performance and capitalize on new market opportunities. 

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About Perfectial

Perfectial is a business-oriented outsourcing software development company committed to helping businesses kickstart, develop, and succeed. Perfectial has implemented innovative ideas that allowed businesses to scale, evolve, and prosper.

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