Perfectial Announces Comprehensive Research of Ukraine's IT Software Development Market in 2019

Perfectial Announces Comprehensive Research of Ukraine's IT Software Development Market in 2019

​Perfectial, one of the top custom software development companies in Europe, publishes a detailed analysis of the state of IT outsourcing and how it reflects on the local Ukrainian software development market in 2019.

The research covers how outsourcing has changed compared with previous years and reveals that unlike before, in 2019, companies that opt for IT outsourcing are most interested in finding a reliable partner that can help them drive innovation and introduce new technologies that could help them streamline their processes and get ahead of their competition.  

The study further reveals typical IT functions that companies choose to outsource in 2019, which include: application development, application management, IT infrastructure, IT security, and systems integration. The general tendency shows that the most popular outsourcing option, application development tends to grow in popularity, with 55% of companies planning to increase the share of work being outsourced. the financial services sector is a leader by app development outsourcing, followed by manufacturing, retail, government, and non-profit organization.  

In the second part, the study focuses on Ukraine, as one of the most popular IT outsourcing destinations. The country is a place of choice of numerous companies across the globe for software development outsourcing as well as R&D activities. In the later part, the research reveals some facts about the state of Ukraine’s software development market in 2019, the market growth, major outsourcing cities, and then pays special attention to the profile of Ukrainian IT specialists, their competency, experience and the most popular programming languages used.  

The research can be found and downloaded from the company’s blog – The State of IT Outsourcing: a Detailed Analysis of Ukrainian IT Market in 2019.

About Perfectial  

Perfectial is a custom software development company employing over 250 professionals, including .Net, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python and Node.js developers, solutions architects, project managers, UI/UX designers, Quality Assurance teams, and Business Analysts, and offering comprehensive software discovery, development, and auditing services. 

The company, as its clients have repeatedly acknowledged, is well-versed in most modern platforms and frameworks; it is committed to delivering innovative solutions and helping businesses, across various industries, to conquer markets and strengthen positioning for adverse events.

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About Perfectial

Perfectial is a business-oriented outsourcing software development company committed to helping businesses kickstart, develop, and succeed. Perfectial has implemented innovative ideas that allowed businesses to scale, evolve, and prosper.

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