Perfectial Embraces IoT and Big Data Analytics to Boost Digital Transformation Capabilities and Offer New Value to Clients

Perfectial Embraces Digital Business Transformation

Boston, Mass., May 15, 2019 (Newswire) -Perfectial, an award-winning custom software development company, rolls out a comprehensive digital transformation framework that centers around the adoption of loT and realization of the Big Data analytics potential. After prolonged testing and refinement of the blueprint, the company is ready to offer new value to its clients; it’s devised a set of steps both middle-sized businesses and enterprises can apply to transform outdated processes and move into a state of permanent agility.

“It’s always been hard to pinpoint exactly what digital transformation means; some think it encompasses infrastructure changes and hardware modernization, some understand it as an adoption of new technologies, programming, workflows, and a heavy focus on service-oriented architectures,” says Ivan Kohut, Perfectial’s CTO. “We’ve decided to turn a nebulous concept into a clear set of guidelines; DevOps, advanced analytics, IoT, and IT structure decentralization - all intertwined - are at the heart of our easily applicable digital transformation strategy.”

Digital transformation is chiefly about adopting start-up “fail fast, fail often” mindset, creating an environment within an organization that’s conductible to continuous experimentation, and being able to modify or replace functionalities promptly. However, the changes, slight or significant must not be blind; the insights collected from perpetually collected data should drive digital transformation efforts and inform companies’ every decision. That’s why IoT, which opens new, exceptional opportunities for data accumulation and analysis, is the key element of Perfectial’s approach to making businesses flexible.

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Perfectial is a seasoned custom software development company dedicated to helping companies, large and small, streamline operations and reinvent business processes through implementing the latest technologies. Employing over 200 experts, including project managers, solutions architects, .Net, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python and Node.js developers, UI/UX engineering, Perfectial is committed to excellence in delivering and managing innovative applications. 

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