PepperBall: Best Non-Lethal Personal Defense Products for 2020

PepperBall LifeLite and TCP

​​PepperBall®, the world leader in non-lethal defense, with more than 5,000 law enforcement agencies around the world using its products, offers civilians that same level of protection with the LifeLite™ and Tactical Compact Pistol (TCP) launchers. 

Unlike other non-lethal defense options, PepperBall allows users to keep a safe distance from an assailant, with ranges from 60-150 feet. The projectiles are filled with a proprietary irritant that bursts upon impact, producing a strong kinetic impact and leaving a debilitating cloud that affects the eyes, nose and respiratory system.

Simply stated, the LifeLite™ conceals a signature PepperBall® launcher within a powerful LED flashlight. This covert design is its most effective feature; it can be openly carried during regular activities and can be safely stored in a drawer, purse, backpack or glove box. 

LifeLite™ is sold as a complete kit which includes (1) LifeLite™ launcher, (3) 12-gram CO2 cartridges, (10) inert practice rounds and (5) live Self Defense PepperBall® rounds.

MSRP for the LifeLite™ is $229.99. 

The PepperBall TCP holds a six-round magazine and comes with a holster. It is designed to be a versatile option for personal defense situations and law enforcement or military tactical applications. The non-lethal launcher is capable of firing the standard PepperBall round or VXR shaped projectiles. The round projectiles are accurate out to 60 feet, and the extended-range VXR projectiles can be used for direct impact out to 150 feet.

MSRP for the TCP Consumer Kit is $399.99 and includes one (1) launcher, two (2) universal magazines that feed both round or VXR projectiles, and one (1) hard case. Both the round and VXR projectile refill kits are available for consumers as well. 

YouTube influencers The Motorhome Experiment had some fun testing out the LifeLite here, and Demolition Ranch and Donut Operator tested out the TCP here

“During these uncertain times, we’re proud to have the number one solution for those who want a non-lethal option to defend themselves,” said CMO, Kyle Tengwall. “Our products are tried and true with over 20 years of excellence with Law Enforcement and Military, with an amazing safety track record, yet being effective enough to provide consumers with the stopping power they want.” 

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About PepperBall®
PepperBall® projectiles are precision-manufactured with a proprietary outer shell and live active irritant compound engineered to burst on impact into a temporarily incapacitating cloud with no permanent effects. PepperBall® products are used by thousands of agencies across the U.S. and around the world and offer a true non-lethal alternative with an unsurpassed safety record over thousands of incidents spanning 20 years. PepperBall® is a registered trademark of United Tactical Systems LLC, exclusive manufacturer and worldwide supplier of genuine PepperBall® products.

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