People's Daily and Christopher Nixon Cox Discuss US-China Relations in New Documentary Series

Christopher Nixon Cox: Beyond the Week That Changed the World

Christopher Nixon Cox

Christopher Nixon Cox, the grandson of President Richard Nixon, met with People’s Daily Online West USA as part of an ongoing documentary series “A Story Spanning 40 Years”. Mr. Cox was born in 1979, when the United States and the People’s Republic of China first established diplomatic relations. In 1972, his grandfather President Nixon embarked on the “ice-breaking journey” in U.S.-China relations, which went on to launch formal diplomatic ties. In his interview with People’s Daily Online West USA, he shares his desire to build on the friendship between the two countries that was established 40 years ago.

In an interview held in Mr. Cox’s New York apartment, he shared that his grandfather was fond of talking about China with him since a young age, and Beijing was the capital he visited most after Washington D.C. Mr. Cox wants to be a new “old friend” of the Chinese people. He has visited China at least 60 times and believes that it is excellent for China to have new old friends to help the relationship continue to prosper into the next generation.

In the documentary, Mr. Cox said, “I would like to pick up the torch and to carry the torch on the next generation of Chinese American thinkers … The Chinese are very logical. You can make arguments to the Chinese and change opinions if you do it based on logic and if you do it based on common interests. And that's really what diplomacy is all about.”

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