PeakDo Announces Launch of Zero Latency Wireless 4K Transmitter Hub for Effortless Device Streaming

PeakDo, a respected team of device connectivity experts, just announced the launch of an advanced zero latency wireless display transmitter hub for streaming 4K video. This innovative new device answers the growing need for convenient steaming solutions for meetings, presentations and on-the-go entertainment. With plug-and-play simplicity, rock-solid connectivity and long range, PeakDo transmitting hub is the perfect affordable solution for 4K streaming. PeakDo is available now. Learn more here:

Anyone who has ever had to give an important presentation knows the hassle and anxiety of ensuring that the AV system is working. Low video resolution, transmission latency, or unexpected Wi-Fi failures can quickly derail an otherwise excellent presentation. PeakDo 4K hub is a new solution that solves those difficult issues with a powerful and feature-rich device that is reliable and easy to use.

"Today, business is no longer limited to one desk in one office. With mobile device convenience, businesspeople now need the ability to collaborate with colleagues and clients anywhere. Our goal with PeakDo 4K transmitter hub was to provide people with effortless 4K display streaming anywhere they go. Now, in just seconds, PeakDo lets you instantly turn your mobile phone or tablet into a business hub with 4K display transmission that is perfect for office presentations, business meetings, video conferencing and more." - PeakDo Team, Bruce Li

PeakDo does not require internet or connection to on-site Wi-Fi. Powered by industry-leading 60GHZ mm-wave technology, PeakDo provides a new, more convenient display experience. No cabling is required, so forgetting the proper cord is a thing of the past. It also doesn't require complicated apps or Wi-Fi passwords. PeakDo provides HDMI display output with 4K high definition for a seamless and vivid video experience. The device is plug and play, directly streaming 4K HD video to HDTV, PC, or projectors for cinema-quality video. Utilizing mm-wave technology for zero latency hypersynchrony, PeakDo offers 50 times transmission speed over Wi-Fi, and a 100-foot wireless range, assuring perfectly synchronized, zero lag transmission for business, entertainment or gaming.  

PeakDo also has powerful features for device extension. The device is a 2-in-1 display transmitter and device extension hub with a variety of output ports for a convenient solution for mouse and keyboard connection as well as SD & TF cards capability. Further, PeakDo allows continuous use with lithium battery and USB Type-C quick chargers and supports charging of connected devices during use.

With app-free, plug-and-play installation and zero latency, the PeakDo 4K HD transmitter hub gives users the power and convenience of full 4K streaming anywhere. PeakDo is available now with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here:

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