'PAWS-Pet Animal Waste System': Hands-Free Catches Doggy Poo Providing Clean Collection and Disposal

As much as we prize our beloved dogs taking them out on walks for exercise and giving them the ability to find the right place to poop cleaning up the poo is not enjoyable. That situation changes when using this unique and special poop collecting unit. The PAWS-Pet Animal Waste System is a specially designed animal waste collection device presented as a wearable unit that would secure an open bag to the backside of a dog to catch waste. Adjustably fastened into place around the buttocks and base of the tail, the design intent is to provide consumers an easier, hassle-free means of collecting and discarding animal waste all hands-free.

The PAWS-Pet Animal Waste System is a one-piece, strap-like collection bag comfortably held about the buttocks and secured around the base of the tail via a hook and loop fastener system. This is produced in a range of sizes and widths to accommodate various dog statures, as well as in a variety of colors. The collection agent itself is integrally attached at the distal end of the PAWS-Pet Animal Waste System; anoval shaped component with a wide ingress that serves as the delivery point for waste taking the form of plastic, disposable, resealable units. A consideration would be to manufacture disposable plastic bags specifically designed to be used with this product and could be included with the initial purchase of the unit as well as in refill packages sold separately. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in PAWS-Pet Animal Waste System.
PAWS-Pet Animal Waste System is Patent Pending and was invented by David Tracy and Laura Tracy of Elmhurst, IL who said, “Never too late and never too quick when using PAWS… this device gives even more meaning to the word “pause” because it works perfectly. This unpleasant task becomes simple, quick and virtually hands-free. After attaching the unit, it is time to exercise/walk the dog per the normal routine. When the dog is ready to eliminate waste, PAWS is directly in position to catch it and conveniently collect the waste within the container. The user then removes, seals and disposes of the bag without leaving any residue behind to be cleaned.”

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