PAWS Consulting's Dr. Angela Demaree Releases New Book 'Candidate Survival Guide: Leadership for the Campaign Trail'

As U.S. COVID-19 cases continue to rise, stamina and mindset prove essential for political candidates and elected officials.

Candidate Survival Guide: Leadership for The Campaign Trail

Since the 2016 election, the nation has seen record numbers of first-time political candidates in races at all levels. These candidates are generally community leaders, activists, advocates, and subject matter experts. While there are many available resources and organizations that provide valuable training for these candidates, one critical area has not been addressed until now.  

Dr. Angela Demaree, veteran, veterinarian, and former candidate for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District, gives candidates nationwide the missing piece of the puzzle. In her newly released book, Candidate Survival Guide: Leadership for the Campaign Trail, Demaree details the mental, emotional, and physical stamina required to thrive on the campaign trail. 

“If we change politics from a zero-sum game with winners and losers, where raising the most money based on fear and divisive partisan rhetoric are the most important skill sets, to one where working together and finding solutions based on shared values is more likely to get us re-elected in the next election cycle, wouldn’t politics and our lives improve? Why aren’t we demanding that as voters? And more importantly, why don’t we see more politicians role modeling that behavior?” she asks.  

Demaree has dedicated the next decade of her life to the relentless pursuit of this objective: to help real people run successful campaigns, get elected to office, and stay off of the emotional roller coaster of a campaign trail. Candidate Survival Guide: Leadership for the Campaign Trail is for those who demonstrate courage by putting the needs of their communities above politics, who put country over party, who serve from a place of joy and abundance rather than fear and resentment. It is for professionals who know the issues, are experts in their fields, and have a reason for running that is so undeniable they launch themselves out of bed each morning to do the hard work–because our communities need them now more than ever. 

As seen on Cincinnati’s WKRC-TV and Raleigh’s WRAL-TV, Demaree is available for commentary. 


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About: Dr. Angela Demaree is the CEO and Principal Consultant for PAWS Consulting, a public health and political consulting firm. Leveraging innovation and technology, Angela developed a real-time polling method using basic statistics, available technology, and volunteers during her 2016 Congressional race, effectively flipping one of eight counties for the first time.  

Through her experiences serving as the COO of a startup, a congressional candidate, and a certified high-performance coach, she developed accelerator programs to help political candidates get the infrastructure and fundraising in place for success while ensuring they have the mental, emotional and physical stamina required to thrive on the campaign trail. She shares her proprietary system with her clients and uses the same innovative approach to custom tailor unique solutions for their campaigns.  

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